PFW A/W 2020

European shows are so unique and elegant to me, due to the rich history of the continent. Naturally, I'm closing this year's fashion week posts with my favourite Paris shows: 1- Christian Dior: Casual is not the first thing that jumps into mind when thinking about Dior, and that's not what the show was entirely... Continue Reading →

MFW A/W 2020

Milan has always been so chic and sophisticated when it comes to fashion. The rich history of the city and country reflects on the designers' collections and presentations. These are a few of my favourite shows this season:   1- Gucci: I think by now, we can all agree on how much of a genius... Continue Reading →

LFW A/W 2020

Fashion week in Europe has its own appeal and vibe that I adore. London always brings out young talent and eclectic style in my opinion. However, I always look forward to the following few shows:   1. Molly Goddard: The first time I saw a Molly Goddard creation was a few years ago on Killing... Continue Reading →

NYFW A/W 2020

It's always a fun boost to the year when fashion week begins. You get to see the upcoming trends, the beautiful creations for the colder seasons and the designers' creativity being unleashed. This Autumn/Winter 2020, comfort stood out to me especially when it comes to shoes. Most designers opted for low heels, platforms or a... Continue Reading →

Emerald Dream

Kicking off winter season in full force, although it's been winter for a while now and the weather in these photos looks more like summer because we're in Africa, I'm delighted to introduce a whole new colour to my wardrobe, namely emerald green. As most of you know, I'm a very indecisive person which means... Continue Reading →

Gold Getter

This is as great as a comeback outfit can get if you were to ask me. After being away from my blog for almost two full months, I'm ecstatic to finally post again, and what makes me even more excited is my look from head to toe. As we near the end of the year... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 131

As annoying as a sister can be, one of the advantages of having one is borrowing clothes or makeup when needed. After my sister bought this bright suit, it took me two seconds to style it in my head with my own pieces. I'm a true believer in the fact that ugly colours do not... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 130

Typing a blogpost after such a long time is extremely refreshing. I've been swamped in work these past few weeks that I've neglected my pride and joy which is my blog. Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit which gave me time to shoot this new look.  I'm not the biggest fan of the colder... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 129

This week, I'm doing it a little different by featuring photos shot in a studio instead of outdoors. I was given the opportunity to pose for a Moroccan Beauty Academy shoot a few weeks ago and took it willingly. I absolutely love editorials and photography in general, although these poses are definitely not pushing any... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 128

Jumpsuits are such a hassle-free way to dress yet finding ones that fit can be a blessing and a curse. I fell in love with this new piece due to the very low straps (I had to have them adjusted as they were a tad too long for my upper body) and cullote-like legs. The... Continue Reading →

BFF Challenge

Getting stuck in a fashion rut is definitely not new for me, or most of us for that matter, so one of the things I love to do to get me out of it is have someone else style me; I've tried it with my younger brother who styled me an entire week of work... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 127

One look at my social media and you'd know how obsessed I've become with florals. Because of their versatility and how easy they are to combine, pairing a floral print with basic pieces never fails. Therefore, this week, I went for an all-white look to combat the the heat whilst keeping it light and airy... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 126

Buying pricey basic versatile pieces considered staples by most is what I usually aim for, but I'm not always successful. Every now and again, a beautiful 'loud' piece would catch my eye and I'd convince myself I'd wear it more than often, but as you may have guessed, I actually don't. Therefore, I chose to... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 125

Summer is finally here and boy am I happy! The whole mood of this week's entire outfit is very bubbly, happy and cheerful I couldn't get enough. Apart from the hustle of getting this delivered, I'm quite happy about scorring a good dress online that fits you to a T. I'm usually not a dress... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 124

Just like a denim, leather and bomber jacket, the camo jacket is such a fashion staple. I've always been on the hunt for the perfect one and finally found this affordable beauty. I absolutely love and all-black look with an oversized camo jacket thrown on, but one can also get creative by adding colour, denim... Continue Reading →

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