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This is Amina welcoming you to my little world where you discover the things I like, dislike, love or hate in terms of clothing, accessories, food, makeup and life in general. 

I was very hesitant to start a blog as I’m not the type of person to turn to my laptop for “work”-unless you consider watching films and Youtube videos work-but I do enjoy the tranquillity of working alone and coming up with creative ideas to share with you. As I’m sipping my Coke and typing here in my room by myself, I cannot wait to actually be productive this year and start something of my own which I hope will bring me a lot of joy.

I consider myself a quite creative person and 20160109_163916in need of a place to let my creativity run free, the only creative platform I find enjoyable momentarily would be here or on Youtube. Because making videos seems a very distant thing for me right now, I’ll keep busy with my blog for the time being and who knows? Maybe I’ll also start an actual Youtube channel one day.



I’ve never aspired to be a writer or author of any kind, nor am I planning on becoming one, so this is by no means the purpose of my blog.  I simply hope my posts will give you more information concerning the photos I upload and I’ll manage to keep it light and entertaining 😉

I’ll be posting in English at least once a week iA. 

Enjoyl! Xo



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#MoroccanMonday look 77

Most of the time, fashion is used to express one’s inner emotions at that moment, and that’s what I featured in this week’s look. After watching the badass Wonder Woman film – finally- as well as read several empowering articles, I found myself drawn to a more demure yet strong look. The corset on top of the button-down is not new, but the way I put them together is. To me, it made me think of an attire one wears during martial arts, or a chef, whatever empowers you. 

 I absolutely love how badass this look made me feel despite it being very demure for me. The crisp white button-down was extremely over-sized allowing me to wrap it all the way around and still move comfortably. One could add a belt, but this corset made it a tad more feminine in my opinion. 

 I paired the top look with a pair of printed palazzo trousers sticking to the whole modest look. Denim would’ve also been an option had the weather not been so hot. 

 Finally, I couldn’t help myself and leave this whole outfit black and white, so I added these orange Morocco-inspired earrings I made myself; the best thing about having a neutral base is a pop of any colour would be prefect. 



Version 2






  Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Button-down – Stradivarius

Corset – Stradivarius

Trousers – Stradivarius 



#MoroccanMonday look 76

Whenever I find a pair of trousers in a lightweight fabric, whether they’re palazzo trousers, culottes or in the form of a jumpsuit, I tend to buy them mainly for those overwhelmingly hot days or during weekends when you couldn’t be bothered to style an entire outfit. Having them wide/loose enough that you don’t have to layer in order to cover your bum all whilst looking cute is a huge bonus. Also, this type of trousers save me from getting maxi skirts or dresses that I asbolutely dread due to the horrible feeling of having my thighs rub together (no, wearing tights/leggings underneath them is not a welcome idea).

 I instantly fell in love with these khaki trousers because of the fold-over waist with tie-front closure that elongates the legs and adds versatility. The fact that they have pockets is a gift from God. I actually found this exact pair of trousers in a light blue denim-esque colour as well that I was very tempted to get due to my denim obsession (obvs), but I eventually didn’t as they showed the outlines of my knickers too much (my current ones do too but not as much) and because denim during heatwaves is just not such a brilliant idea (talking from experience). The downside however of the khakis is that the fabric is so lightweight you can’t really fold the hems, and we all know by now how crucial that actually is for me. 

 Pairing these khaki trousers with beige and white was a no-brainer. Locking everything together with this beautiful floral scarf was a must, especially because it combined all the beautiful neutral colours all whilst adding a hint of pink for that feminine look. 

 Golden accents compliment this attire really well, and I would definitely add my golden strappy heels for a chic look, or even wear my white trainers for a sporty causal one.









Scarf – Stradivarius 

Sunnies – Gucci

Vest – Camaïeu 

White T-shirt – Hema

Trousers – Stradivarius

Sandals – Kiabi


#MoroccanMonday look 75

The minute I saw these trousers, I instantly got the complete look in my head even though I got them for an entirely different one. The extremely high waist, silver buttons and the somewhat faded stripes gave them a vintage rock look that I adore. An oversized and destroyed grey vintage band tee, silver chains and a pair of white Dr.Martens would make this a perfect outfit my rock-loving-highschool-self would be proud. However, I decided to go for the initial look I had planned by combining stripes with the gorgeous pop of green and grey tones all around. 

 I love how slimming the trousers are with their stretchy fabric and vertical stripes all whilst giving you a youthful look. The metallic brogues could easily be replaces by metallic pointy heels to elevate the look and make it more glam; although I will probably cut the hems of the trousers in the near future to give them more of a distressed look. 

 Apart from the beautiful bright colour of the jumper, its fabric is so soft you’re easily tempted to wear it daily, and despite the assymetrical hem that cover your bum a tiny bit, I added the white button-down to cover it even more, it atcually also doubles up as an added layer to make this look more interesting. As much as I love adding my metallic brogues to a simple look, I also like pairing them with an already funky one for that ‘more is more’ attire. 

 All in all, it’s safe to say you’ll be seeing a lot more of these trousers in the near future with several looks ranging from glam ones to emo-inspired ones that fulfill the emo-kid in me. 








Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Zara

Button-down – Paradox

Jumper – Zara

Trousers – Stradivarius

Cardigan – Kiabi

Handbag – Pimkie

Borgues – Zara



#MoroccanMonday look 74

Fashion ruts are a regular occurance in my life, but I’m very thankful for all the inspiration and great people surrounding me that help out one way or another even when oblivious. This week, I wans’t really sure what to shoot, I did however know I wanted this new pair of sunglasses to be part of the look.

 When my ever-so-thoughtful bestie came to visit from Holland and gifted me this comfortable jumper, the outfit was planned in no time. Also, I’m very thankful that a slogan jumper like this one with one of my favourite words on its sleeve actually reminded her of me, which couldn’t be more flattering and humbling.

 The weather is warming up even more these days which makes light colours such as this grey scarf and denim go perfectly with the blue/green reflective mirrors of my new sunnies. The cute little pink handbag also adds the perfect touch to soften up the entire look.

 Eversince I wore this pair of heels last week for my previous post, I couldn’t help myself but be drawn to them whenever I’m trying to finish off a look; them being black and kind of comfortable definitely helps I have to admit.







Scarf – Primark

Sunnies – Zara 

Jumper – H&M

Denim button-down – Shana

Jeans – Bershka

Heels – Zara

Handbag – Aldo 


#MoroccanMonday look 73 X Eid Look

Firstly, Eid mubarak to all the Muslim readers! May Allah accept our prayers and good deeds. As for the non-Muslims, it’s another #MoroccanMonday look! 😀

 Although I think traditional clothes are stunning I don’t really wear them unless I have to (eg. weddings), I just don’t feel comfortable in long garments such as the typical Moroccan jellaba (Idon’t even have one-shocker!) However, on special occasions like Eid, I tend to make an exception and wear something traditional yet modern enough that I can wear it with jeans on any given day. I’m not a big fan of clothes that you can only wear once, especially when they’re expensive. 

 After looking everywhere, I finally found this mustard coloured piece I liked from Moroccan Touch. To be honest, I would’ve loved some additional embroidery on it to keep it from looking too simple, but I tried to make it work by stacking these statement necklaces (yes, they’re two) which I think did their job in making the entire outfit look more Moroccan.  

 The minute I decided to feature a traditional piece on the blog I knew I wanted to shoot it somewhere historical, cue The Hassan Tower and the Mausoleum of Mohammed V in Rabat. Despite living in Rabat for over 10 years, I’ve never been believe it or not. I absolutely love how serene it was, probably due to Ramadan, but everything from the beautiful architecture, gorgeous tiles and stunning details, all the way to the Moroccan vibes it gave off, it was absolutely perfect. The photos (AND VIDEO) came out way better than I had expected, and I’ll definitely be going back soon. 










Moroccan Ken. This photo is deifinitely one of my favourites!








Turban – Mango scarf 

Sunnies – Gucci

Button-down – Pimkie 

Necklace – Freya

Sleeveless Kaftan – Moroccan Touch

Jegging – Primark 

Heels – Zara 

#MoroccanMonday look 72

Often times my outfits reflect the mood I’m in, and for this week’s look it’s luckily a good one. Despite the high temperatures, the cold wind keeps you refreshed and wearing floral pieces definitely lifts you up. 

 I tried to stay away from the whole predictable black pieces with a pop of colour uniform, and thus opted for a refreshing pair of white jeans instead. This may not be a surprise to most of you, but I’d pick comfort on a day-to-day basis over a painful glam attire any day. Therefore, grabbing my trainers was no shocker (still hunting for those Vans everyone and their mother seem to have in my size by the way). 

 The minty colour of this button-down pyjama-inspired top is beautiful, and the pattern is colourful yet subtle, which I love. I found the original design at Zara with the entire ensemble (I told you this top needed a bottom!) which is absolutely stunning! I didn’t buy it as I knew I’d end up neglecting the one I currently have which would be a waste. Should you be into it, make sure you grab the ensemble before it’s sold out, you won’t regret it. 

 The black sleeveless button-down is somewhat of a safe piece for me, as it goes with basically anything all whilst keeping you covered, bonus points for the fact that you could also rock it as a maxi dress, I’m all about versatility.







Scarf – Mango

Sunnies – Gucci

Button-down – Kiabi

Sleevelss button-down – Shana

Handbag – Pimkie

Jeans – Stradivarius

Trainers – Adidas 

#MoroccanMonday look 71

During this beautiful (hot!) weather, one can’t help but go for comfortable airy pieces. Therefore, I decided to rock my trusted Canadian tuxedo for this week’s look. 

 In order to keep the look from being too basic, I decided to layer the denim button-down on top of my floral see-through top, I left the button-down hanging loose and open to have sneak peeks of the layer underneath it. The beautiful flower pattern compliments the location of this shoot and I’m loving it. 

 Because the denim-on-denim look gives me that old school vibes, I added the epitomy of the nineties, the famous plastic choker. If it weren’t for Ramadan, I would’ve added a brown lip as well. I like how extremely comfortable the look is, and the pointy leather flats definitely pull everything together.








Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Floral top – Stradivarius

Button-down – Shana

Jeans – Stradivarius

Flats – Call It Spring



#MoroccanMonday look 70

 I love a slogan tee as much as the next girl, especially when it’s related to girl empowerment which makes sporting my beliefs on my clothes definitely a no-brainer. The comfortable fabric and easy to style colours of this top as well as the bomb logo made me grab it faster than a bullet. 

 This week’s look may scream 80s soccer mom or young premature boy depending on how you look at it, but I definitely enjoy tucking a top into high-waisted jeans and opting for my basic white kicks for ultimate comfort. This look could definitely be spruced up by adding chic pumps and a red lip, but I’d rather go for flats during the day.

 The sleeveless black button-down has proven to be so handy to throw on top of any basic look for that added cover and detail. I’ll definitely be looking for alternative colours or styles to add to my wardrobe, I could even go as far as calling it a wardrobe staple!







Scarf – Mango

Sunnies – Gucci

Top – Pimkie

Sleeveless button-down – Shana

Jeans – Bershka

Handbag – Pimkie

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith 

#MoroccanMonday look 69

Often times I avoid flashy colours when it comes to outfits for my blog as it can quickly become too “clown-esque” and pretty hard to edit. However, during the sunny season I find that quite difficult considering the gorgeous weather and beautiful colourful trends going on, as well as the stunning pieces or makeup products brands are putting out.

 For this week’s look, I went back to these utterly comfortable cobalt blue culottes (or should I say Majorelle blue? 😉) as I just couldn’t stay away for long. For some reason I find an orangy lip or orangy nail varnish to compliment the blue really well (probably something to do with the colour wheel); the greenery in the background sure does lock everything together. To keep the look somewhat calm and not give people a headache when they look at you, I kept the rest of the pieces neutral (yes stripes are considered a neutral in my world, just like denim).

 Black heels could elongate your legs even more considering the fact they already look really long due to the crop top, but I chose comfort instead opting for a pair of basic white trainers. The delicate golden accessories go really well with everything, and so does the metallic handbag that I still find myself grabbing everytime I’m about to head out.









Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Earrings – H&M

Lips – Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 25 Orange Shot

Choker – Freya

Crop top – H&M

Sleeveless button-down – Shana

Culottes – Stradivarius

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

Handbag – Pimkie

#MoroccanMonday 68

White is key during this hot weather as it keeps you both looking and feeling fresh and cool in my opinion. Due to the high temperatures this week, I chose this super easy and comfortable look involving white basics and some colour. 

 The white t-shirt and jeans give you a great base to layer whatever colour or pattern you want on top, such as denim, gingham, leather or even suede. In my case, I chose this oversized (it’s actually XS believe it or not) checkered button-down and added my trusty denim jacket on top for some added colour. The red and navy on the button-down pretty much go with anything, especially white or black during winter. 

 White trainers haven’t been a trend for nothing, especially these cute little Adidas ones which I wore to death. You could elevate this look by going for a pair of heels and a bit more makeup during nighttime.  









Headscarf – Primark 

Denim jacket – Marwa

Checkered button-down – Shana

White T-shirt – Hema 

Skinnies – Stradivarius 

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith