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I was very hesitant to start a blog as I’m not the type of person to turn to my laptop for “work”-unless you consider watching films and Youtube videos work-but I do enjoy the tranquillity of working alone and coming up with creative ideas to share with you. As I’m sipping my Coke and typing here in my room by myself, I cannot wait to actually be productive this year and start something of my own which I hope will bring me a lot of joy.

I consider myself a quite creative person and 20160109_163916in need of a place to let my creativity run free, the only creative platform I find enjoyable momentarily would be here or on Youtube. Because making videos seems a very distant thing for me right now, I’ll keep busy with my blog for the time being and who knows? Maybe I’ll also start an actual Youtube channel one day.



I’ve never aspired to be a writer or author of any kind, nor am I planning on becoming one, so this is by no means the purpose of my blog.  I simply hope my posts will give you more information concerning the photos I upload and I’ll manage to keep it light and entertaining 😉

I’ll be posting in English at least once a week iA. 

Enjoyl! Xo



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#MoroccanMonday 68

White is key during this hot weather as it keeps you both looking and feeling fresh and cool in my opinion. Due to the high temperatures this week, I chose this super easy and comfortable look involving white basics and some colour. 

 The white t-shirt and jeans give you a great base to layer whatever colour or pattern you want on top, such as denim, gingham, leather or even suede. In my case, I chose this oversized (it’s actually XS believe it or not) checkered button-down and added my trusty denim jacket on top for some added colour. The red and navy on the button-down pretty much go with anything, especially white or black during winter. 

 White trainers haven’t been a trend for nothing, especially these cute little Adidas ones which I wore to death. You could elevate this look by going for a pair of heels and a bit more makeup during nighttime.  









Headscarf – Primark 

Denim jacket – Marwa

Checkered button-down – Shana

White T-shirt – Hema 

Skinnies – Stradivarius 

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith



#MoroccanMonday look 67

 Often times we hear that a certain colour is impossible to pull off or “ugly” such as orange, that’s of course utter nonsense judging by this week’s look. I don’t believe in ugly colours as every single colour could be made beautiful and wearable depending on the clothing piece and the way you style it.

The minute I lay my eyes on this gorgeous orange piece, I instantly knew it would be extremely handy, the assymetric hem and the cut in general is not like anything else out there which is always great. I especially love owning pieces that are unique and haven’t been seen around much.

I love the breezy feeling this piece gives, especially with the cape-like fabric detail in the back that doubles up as a cover for one’s derrière. To keep the focus on the bright happy colour, I chose distressed denim for a casual daytime look, and a pair of golden high-heeled sandals that go perfectly with the warm orange and resemble a beautiful sunset that was definitely one of my inspirations.

I rarely wear a white headscarf as it gets ruined easily with makeup and makes my teeth look more yellow, but I had to wear it with this look to keep everything looking clean and classy. These gorgeous earrings seem to go with everything and I’m obsessed, the added pearl on one side is oh so chic and on trend.








Turban – Primark scarf

Earrings – H&M

Roll neck – Stradivarius

Top – Zara

Jeans – Stradivarius

Sandals – Call It Spring

#MoroccanMonday look 66

You don’t have to be a gardner/architect/painter to appreciate the gorgeousness of the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech. I’ve been meaning to go for quite a while but never had the chance to until now, and I couldn’t have been happier or more impressed. Everywhere you look is incredible and instagram-worthy, from the brilliant architecture and attention to detail, to the exotic plants and greenery, you just have to walk around and take it all in.

Made by and named after the French painter Jacques Majorelle in the twenties, the Majorelle Garden got even more recognition than his paintings and became an absolute masterpiece. Fast forward to recent years and after being neglected for so long, the garden was then taken over and restored by the late fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge. It is now open to the public for a small fee and includes a little cute café to get some refreshments whilst enjoying your surroundings. 

 Before we went away I did some shopping and came across this beautiful blue culottes that I had to have. From its flattering fit all the way to the gorgeous colour, it was absolutely perfect to shoot in the Majorelle Garden especially when the pretty blue matches the signature colour of the garden. 

 During this warm weather, particularly in Marrakech, I usually go for light fabrics and oversized pieces. However, due to my height, I either have to wear heels to add some length or cinch my waist to keep me from looking like a potato. This time, I chose the latter, but instead of playing it safe and going for a belt, and bcause we all know I ain’t walking around in heels all day, I opted for this trendy and modern corset with a cute ribbon and straps that give it a daytime attire instead of it being too “lingerie-esque”. 

 The metallic brogues add a tiny bit of height and even more glitz to the look, which also keeps the culottes from taking all the spotlight. Getting compliments on my outfit from breathtaking fashionistas during my visit was definitely the cherry on top!
















Turban – Pashmina scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Button-down – Stradivarius

Corset – Stradivarius

Culottes – Stradivarius 

Handbag – Pimkie

Brogues – Zara

#MoroccanMonday look 65

 “If you want to be comfortable, stay home in your pajamas”

– Donatella Verace

 Well dear Donatella, thanks to last year’s trend as seen on Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and many other fashionistas, we can now walk around in our pajamas and actually look impeccable. Even though the heels kind of take away from the whole ‘comfortable’ vibe, but I don’t mind that one bit. 

 The minute I saw this gorgeous floral pajama inspired top I knew I had to have it, although I hoped they’d have trousers to match so I could wear this as a set (Oh my God can you imagine how gorgeous that would be??!!!!), but unfotunately they only had this piece. The gorgeous mint colour is stunning and the floral details are very fresh and suitable for spring. As you can imagine, the top is extremely comfortable and the right fabric as well as colour for this transitional season. 

  Fashion is all about having fun and playing with different looks. Therefore, I wasn’t that surprised to notice that I’ve eventually gone for the ‘more is more’ look instead of light tones and minimal jewellery as I’ve initially imagined the look would be in the shop. I absolutely adore the golden chunky ring/jewellery and red nails that add even more life to the entire look, as well as the strappy sandals that add that needed touch of elegance an height.

Because this look didn’t have enough bling already, I decided to jump on the bandwagon of the whole mismatched earrings trend by featuring this cute triangle earring I got as a gift a while ago on the blog (I’ve been sporting it for ages in real life though). The makeup was kept very light and natural of course to leave all the focus on the clothes and accessories.








Turban – Pashmina scarf

Top – Kiabi

Culottes – Promod

Rings – Call It Spring (very old)

Nails – L’Oréal Color Riche in JLo’s Pure Red

Sandals – Call It Spring 





#MoroccanMonday look 64

Layering has become somewhat of a talent that most modest fashion bloggers seem to have mastered in recent years, you can use Ascia’s latest collaboration with Net-A-Porter as proof with her killer and trendy demure looks. 

 Therefore, I was dying to test out the whole “revealing top worn on top of a crisp white button-down look” for months, and I absolutely love the results. Even though the button-down as well as the glittery top turned out to be baggier than expected, I’m quite pleased with the final look despite it somewhat giving me the illusion of having a baby bump. 

 The toned down colours of the outfit made me want to go for an orangy lip colour for the first time ever, and thank goodness I found this stunning Maybelline liquid lipstick right on time (it doesn’t dry matte as indicated on the tube by the way). The combination of the greenery in spring/summer photos and this popping lip makes a killer combo especially when palm trees and mocktails are involved. 

 The green parts on the Stan Smiths add that perfect pop of colour and most importantly: comfort. 









Turban – Pashmina scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Lip – Maybelline Vivi Matte Liquid lipstick in 25 Orange Shot

Button-down – Stradivarius

Glittery top – Pimkie

Jeggings – Primark

Handbag – Pimkie

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

#MoroccanMonday look 63

Even though I was not really a big fan of pink, I’ve grown to love the colour so much after seeing it on so many fashionistas this season that I had to have some pieces.

 This week, I opted for my new striped shirt, because one can never have enough striped pieces, as well as this super cute baby pink bandana with adorable little silver pendants. Nineties fashion is back now more than ever and bandanas are no exception. I especially love the way you can cover yourself all whilst being stylish and keeping up with current trends. 

 Distressed denim has been my go-to style after wearing clean skinnies for a while, I especially love weird hems and a boyfriend fit. The metallic brogues can still be worn now that it’s still not too hot so I’m taking full advantage of that. The sun is out but my toes are still kind of cold. 

 One of the perks of having siblings is trying out pieces you wouldn’t normally buy yourself such as this cute white crochet cardigan with tassels, and I think I’ll be picking up one of my own very soon. This little salmon pink bag I got as a gift was the perfect finishing touch.







Turban – Primark scarf

Bandana – Pimkie

Striped shirt – Pimkie

Jeans – Stradivarius

Crochet cardigan – Marwa

handbag – Aldo

Brogues – Zara


#MoroccanMonday look 62

 Rocking every single trend can be a tad tricky for modest dressers in general and hijabis in particular. Whenever that happens to me, I usually go snooping around my favourite hijabi social influencers’ Instagrams to find some inspiration and they never fail to deliver.This time however, I found a random photo online of someone rocking a sheer floral top over a crisp white button-down and I instantly loved the look.

 Although shopping around Rabat (Morocco) can be quite a hassle I have to say; as you either end up buying pieces everyone else has and you’ve already gotten sick of, or spending countless hours going from shop to shop only to end up buying one or two pieces you kind of like. Luckily, I almost always find unique pieces burried in random corners under a pile of clothes waiting for me (or that’s what I like to think). This floral sheer top is the prefect example.

 Should you be obsessed with black and wanting to change that a bit, then choosing pieces that’re mostly black and still have a bit of colour can be a great way to still be in your somewhat comfort zone all whilst trying something new. I absolutely love pairing this top with a red lip to make the red roses pop and bring the look to life.

 I’m sure each one of us either owns a double buckle belt or knows someone that does, even Kendal J was rocking multiple ones last year. Therefore, when I saw this one at Stradivarius I grabbed it not caring about the price (you wouldn’t believe how cheap it was) because I knew I would wear it to death! I love how grungy it can make a look depening on how you style it, and also add an edge to an otherwise girly floral attire. 

 This black sleevelss coat is slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite pieces. I seem to be drawn to it whenever I’m about to walk out the door due to its versatility and abilitity to always make me look and feel on point.









Turban – Pashmina scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Lips – Maybelline (Color Drama in 510 Red Essential)

Button-down – Pimkie

Sheer top – Stradivarius

Jeans – Bershka

Belt – Stradivarius

Handbag – Pimkie

Loafers – Call It Spring




#MoroccanMonday look 61

Although we’re well into Spring right now, the weather still needs to catch up a bit. Therefore, I decided to give it a helping hand this week by wearing my favourite (and probably only) floral dress. The sheer fabric and splits give it just the right amount of exposure and make it possible to layer on top of a pair of jeans all whilst staying somewhat covered.

 I’ve been loving the whole slip on dress trend, especially when layered on top of a warm jumper (bonus points if the fabrics clash) or even a big Adidas hoodie which seems to be all the hype these days. Even though I normally wear this dress on top of a simple white t-shirt to make the stunning lace detailing stand out, the weather didn’t allow that (don’t let the sun fool you) which forced me to grab my warm roll-neck instead, and I’m loving the outcome. 

 This dress has a little black slip on underneath it should one choose to wear it alone,  which I always keep tucked into my jeans as I prefer more of a shear look. Also, I will probably make the side slits go further up to make it easier for me to walk without the need to pull the dress up because I won’t wear this alone anytime soon. The black pointy loafers are my go-to shoes these days and I’m loving them! 

 I haven’t tried wearing this dress with anything other than jeans, but I’m excited to look for inspiration online and maybe rock it with a pair of leggings, culottes or even tights when the weather gets warmer. As far as I know, the beautiful lace detailing and cute floral print make this dress go with pretty much anything. 










Turban – Pashmina scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Roll-neck – Shana

Dress – Stradivarius 

Jeans – Stradivarius

Handbag – Pimkie 

Loafers – Call It Spring


#MoroccanMonday look 60

Keeping true to my promise of last week, this sleeveless coat is being featured again and I still can’t get enough of it. Due to this volatile weather, I love layering this coat on top of light jumpers to balance everything out. Also, I haven’t found one clothing piece that this coat doesn’t go with yet, and I’m not sure I’m not gonna find one anytime soon.

 Some weekends were made for stuffing your face all whilst being utterly comfortable, and this one was definitely one of them. The sophisiticated coat and smart culottes were given a chill vibe by this beautiful forest green jumper and my trusted Stan Smiths, the jumper definitely makes it easy to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe while not veering away from darker colours entirely.

 The scarf is one of my fafvourite ones ever, not only because it was a gift from one of my all time favourite people on this planet, but also due to its versatility. Not to mention, the colours go with basically everything and the little tassles add a bit of quirkiness to an outfit.  






Sunnies – Gucci

Jumper – Jennyfer

Sleeveless coat – Pimkie 

Culottes – Promod

Handbag – Pimkie

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

#MoroccanMonday look 59

 There are a lot of things I would have loved to have in life, one of them is definitely being able to make use of my sisterhood and swap clothes with my younger sister without having to worry myself sick. However, as we can’t have it all (or even some of it for that matter), I’m stuck with having to cite a whole speech to my younger sister before lending her one piece of clothing for a few hours which I know she’ll end up ruining anyway. Case in point is this beautiful black coat of mine that I’ve featured in previous posts

 Apart from it being a tiny bit too big for me, this coat was perfect whenever I needed to dress smart on a cold day or just look put-together in general. However, all its utility vanished when I got it back from my sister with completely destroyed arms as if she were attacked by a pack of wolves whilst using it as a shield for protection. After a tiny nervous breakdown, I took matters into my own hands and decided to get rid of the sleeves so I could still wear it during the transitional season instead of throwing it away and buying a new one; and let me tell you, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

 The colour, lack of sleeves and tailoring make this coat a wardrobe staple. The minute I got it back from the seamstress I had a million looks in my mind and couldn’t wait to rock it on this week’s #MoroccanMonday look! Instead of going all black with a pop of colour, I decided to go back to my old obsession: stripes. As much as the distressed denim and cotton top balance out the smart attire of the coat, I wanted to keep it classy when it came to footwear. I’ve seen this pair of pointy loafers a while back and knew they would be the perfect finishing touch to this look (fun fact: I bought them on my way to shoot this look because I literally had no time and this was luckily the last pair left). I absolutely love the nerdy look, black rich leather, pointed  front and most importantly the comfortable and timeless design. You’ll be definitely seeing these a lot more in my upcoming looks.







Pashmina – Primark 

Sunnies – Gucci

Choker – Freya

Top – H&M (Divided)

Coat – Pimkie

Belt – Etam 

Jeans – Stradivarius

Watch – Parfois

Handbag – Pimkie

Loafers – Call It Spring