Salam guys,

This is Amina welcoming you to my little world where you discover the things I like, dislike, love or hate in terms of clothing, accessories, food, makeup and life in general. 

I was very hesitant to start a blog as I’m not the type of person to turn to my laptop for “work”-unless you consider watching films and Youtube videos work-but I do enjoy the tranquillity of working alone and coming up with creative ideas to share with you. As I’m sipping my Coke and typing here in my room by myself, I cannot wait to actually be productive this year and start something of my own which I hope will bring me a lot of joy.

I consider myself a quite creative person and 20160109_163916in need of a place to let my creativity run free, the only creative platform I find enjoyable momentarily would be here or on Youtube. Because making videos seems a very distant thing for me right now, I’ll keep busy with my blog for the time being and who knows? Maybe I’ll also start an actual Youtube channel one day.



I’ve never aspired to be a writer or author of any kind, nor am I planning on becoming one, so this is by no means the purpose of my blog.  I simply hope my posts will give you more information concerning the photos I upload and I’ll manage to keep it light and entertaining 😉

I’ll be posting in English at least once a week iA. 

Enjoyl! Xo



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#MoroccanMonday look 52

“Clothing is a form of self-expression; there are hints about who you are in what you wear”

– Marc Jacobs

 I’ve never met someone that didn’t like an all black outfit and for good reason. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve spent hours putting your black pieces together with careful thought, or just thrown something together before rushing out – I’m the latter of course – it always works. With that said, I’m not the biggest fan of an all-black outfit being photographed, as it doesn’t give the results so I prefer a bit of colour, whether it’s a vibrant rusty orange, navy blue (yes you can pair black and navy together) or a gorgeous burgundy such as the one I went for; it’s the ultimate colour-combination during autumn and winter, expecially when golden accents are added in the form of accessories such as this vintage scarf I’ve been gifted ages ago. 

 For my readers, It should come as no surprise that layering is my thing. Therefore, I opted for this long comfy shirt with leggings (shocker), a leather jacket and this fluffy blanket-like coat I borrowed from my sissy (what else are siblings for?!). The dark red nail varnish complimented the gorgeous scarf, stained lips and brown handbag. Ballerina flats are not the best choice for this weather, but I loved the metallic hue and just went for it. 

 This whole look could also go really well with a pair of killer high-heeled boots for a fashionista attire, or chunky Dr.Martens for a more edgy look and added warmth. 










Turban – Pashmina

Sunnies – Gucci

Lips – L’Oréal lipliner in 634 Plum

Scarf – Vintage

Leather jacket – Pimkie 

Coat – Kiabi

Long shirt – Shana

Leggings – Vintage

Flats – Stradivarius

Nails – Maybelline Colorama in 357 Burgundy Kiss


#MoroccanMonday look 51

 ” Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one” 

– Blair Waldorf

 This is the first #MoroccanMonday of 2017 and I couldn’t be more excited to take more risks and be more adventurous this year. I’ve recently been looking for a nice silky top to go with my culottes, so the minute I saw this satin (close enough) gorgeous top I was smitten. I don’t normally go for over-the-top pieces, especially not with details on the shoulders and materials that need ironing/steaming, but since I’m trying to add more colour and chic pieces into my wardrobe, this beautiful olive-green top is a great start. 

 The mannequin wore this top with a pair of long classic grey trousers and a statement necklace which looked cute. However, I decided to combine it with black instead and keep the accessories kind of minimal. I would also definitely wear this with a grey or black pinafore jumpsuit which would look impeccable. The delicate ruffles on the shoulders and across the chest in a V shape give this a beautiful feminine look. The dainty choker added a bit more detail and the slick culottes balanced the whole look out. I would’ve worn this with my black coat, but decided to go for the cream one instead to make the green pop out a bit more. 

 Because it’s winter and it’s quite chilly, I decided to wear tights underneath my culottes. These look gorgeous with the details on the thighs that you cannot see of course but are definitely worth having. Because the top is already an eye-catcher, I kept the bag minimal. I carried my laptop with me so I needed a big bag and went for my trusted black one with golden hardware. Alternatively, one can also carry a tiny bag such as this one I borrowed from my sister, the velvet adds another unexpected addition to the rest of the materials of all the other pieces. As long as it’s one colour, you can always play with the materials to make a look less boring and modern.









Turban – Pashmina 

Glasses – Tom Ford

Choker – Freya

Satin top – H&M

Coat – Bershka

Culottes – Promod

Tights – Hunkemöller 

Heels – Etam 

Big bag – Zara

Small bag – Parfois


Caramel & Pretzels ice-cream DIY

As I’m a huge fan of mixing sweet with salty in general, and not being able to find salted caramel flavoured ice-cream easily in my country, I had to take matters into my own hands. I’ve recently seen a video where they added pretzels into a cake batter and thought it would also be doable with ice-cream. Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose. 

 Should you be curious as to how complicated this may be (spoiler: NOT), and wanted to try this for yourself, then keep reading. 

Key ingredients:

Ice-cream (preferably caramel flavoured)

Pretzels (you’ll only need half a packet)


* Steps to follow: 

1 – Place the pretzels in a clean tea towel, close it, then crush the pretzels using a rolling pin until they’re small pieces (not too small though). You may also use your (clean) hands to break them.


2 – Sprinkle as much as you want of the crushed pretzels gradually onto the warm ice-cream (otherwise you won’t be able to mix it), and mix that using a spoon. 


3 – Don’t forget to rectify the flavour on the lid 😉 and put the ice-cream in the freezer.


4 – After a couple of hours, your caramel pretzels ice-cream is ready to be devoured. 




Et voilà, Enjoy! (I know I did). 

For the video of this DYI, click here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, it’s free! 😀 

I hope you liked this super easy DIY for lazy people such as myself (no judgment). Feel free tag me on social media should you try this as well (@aminafied everywhere). 


#MoroccanMonday Recap 2016

Whenever a new year approaches, a lot of us tend to reflect on the year gone by with its highs and lows. Some of us may become miserable when focusing on the lows, others tend to view them as life lessons and reflect on the highs hoping for an amazing year better than the one gone by. I try and be the latter, simply because life is too short to focus on the miseries (for too long that is).

 Eversince I read a quote somewhere that said “Do something today that your future self will be thankful for” it somehow resonated with me, and after so much thought and slight difficulties, I decided to start my blog a year ago, and I’m utterly grateful for doing so. It gave me purpose again and excitement that I seemed to have lost throughout the years. I love coming up with new ideas and instantly thinking about the blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or whatever platform I would love to share it on. It also gave me a lot of inspiration and thought me how to think outside of the box.

 I’ve grown a lot in year and I think all of us have. Hopefully we will continue to grow and learn to love ourselves as well as the people around us. 

Here’s a recap of the #MoroccanMonday looks I’ve posted this year. May everybody’s 2017 become even better and brighter ♥


Visiting the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Eversince I was in 6th grade, I’d always tell my English teacher that I’d be an artist when I grow up. It wasn’t just a random answer I would give her, I actually saw myself as someone who would feel comfortable and free following that path even though I had never been to a museum before. Until this day, my feelings haven’t changed.

 Although I love exploring new places every now and again, I’d never really gotten the chance to visit the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat. However, I decided to stop procrastinating and actually go check it out before the end of 2016, and I wasn’t disappointed. Also, they were honouring female artists, which was very empowering and motivating to see the work of Moroccan artists being recognised, you don’t see that every day.

 Nobody told us not to take photos or touch anything, so we went for it and actually shot my #MoroccanMonday post over there as well.


Believe it or not, this is not the entrance. We had to follow arrows that took us to the left side of the building with an entrance not as fancy as this one.


Although the ticket says 10 dh, my brother paid 30 because (he is a student). 


I don’t really know why my tickets (right) looked different although we paid to see the same exhibitions. I paid 40 dh as I’m not a student.


The architecture is pretty impressive.. not gonna lie. 






This was one of my absolute faves!


These were very old Moroccan tea cups that my grandparents still have.


Who wore it better though? 




These colourful pieces were so beautiful with their unusual textures and gorgeous frames.



 Before leaving, we went down stairs to the basement to check out the new exhibit by this artist named Faouzi Laatiris, which started nicely but became creepier and creepier as we went along.


This, ladies and gents, is what uneducated millenials do in a museum #AllForTheGram




These are also old Moroccan mirrors with plastic frames. And yes, my grandparents also still have them. 



This wall was so cool. It had really old toys stuck to it on one end that reminded the artist of his childhood I reckon, and a curtain of old beads one had to get through. 


And of course, we cuouldn’t end this (or go past a mirror) without taking selfies (despite this being one of the creepies areas). 


#MoroccanMonday look 50

“I’m like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. So I wear jeans.”
-Cameron Diaz

  As temperatures drop even more on this side of the planet (don’t let the sunshine fool you), we’re trying to get the most wear out of our thick, warm coats. However, every now and again, I like wearing a cosy long cardigan during winter to switch things up, and to make sure I’m not cold, I basically go for layering galore!

 It’s no secret that I’m absolutely in love with denim, and I’d take any opportunity to wear it. The shapes on this cardigan make me want to pair it with simple, neutral pieces to keep the look from being too busy, and to avoid the predictable all-white or all-black look I opted for denim; because denim makes everything look better.

 I’ve bought a new cool choker recently (what else is new?) and was waiting impatiently to introduce it to the blog. Its dainty and feminine design is very chic and a beautiful addition to your accessories. It’ll definitely be worn to death.

 My new kicks have become my new obsession and literally go with everything, they give a nice casual look when paired with these trendy frayed hem jeans. The metallic bag is the perfect finishing touch to this attire. 








Who wore it better though?





Turban – Pashmina

Sunnies – Gucci

Choker – Freya

Denim blouse – Shana 

Denim jacket – Marwa

Cardigan – Primark

Jeans – Bershka

Handbag – Pimkie 

Trainers – Adidas


#MoroccanMonday look 49

Eversince I’ve started wearing turbans, I’ve gotten into big statement earrings such as this pair I’m wearing for this look. Styling your entire look around a pair of earrings is not an easy task, but I’ve decided that the best way to go is to keep it simple and lean into cool neutral tones (sort of) such as this beautiful taupe jumper, so the earrings can do all the talking. Also, because I’m Amina and can’t survive without a hint of metallic, I had to rock this chrome manicure that I’m completely obsessed with.

 Just like culottes, flared jeans are very flattering for short girls such as myself. I’ve loved pairing these with my big comfy boots during winter, and high heel sandals during summer to try and make the most wear out of them. The high waist is definitely a plus and they fit like a dream!

 This look makes me feel well put together and feminine, which is definitely not something to complain about if that’s what you’re going for. To keep the long shirt, long coat and flared jeans from making me look even shorter and bulky, I tucked the front part of my basic white button-down as well as the shirt into my jeans to give the illusion of longer legs, and left the rest untucked. In addition to that, the slim fit of the jeans on the upper part and the high heels combo definitely made this work-I felt like the Eiffel Tower.









Turban – Pashmina

Sunnies – Gucci

Earrings – H&M

Lips – L’Oréal lipliner in 634 Plum

button-down – Kiabi

Jumper – Claudia Sträter

Flared jeans – Stradivarius 

coat – Pimkie 

Boots – H&M


#MoroccanMonday look 48

Each one of us has a certain taste when it comes to dressing themselves and specific colours they lean towards when doing so (unless you’re indecissive like yours truly), but we can all agree that an all black outfit is the easiest go-to attire all day every day with. Therefore, I opted for this easy outfit this week partly for the aforementioned reason, but mostly because it reflected my feelings during that day (it was a challenging week) and also because denim has been featured too many times on this blog the past few weeks.

 When it comes to wearing light and summery pieces during winter, combining them with thick pieces is key, it allows you to get so much more wear out of them all year round. Therefore, to make sure I stayed warm, I opted for a warm turtleneck and a thick coat with my summery culottes to keep me from freezing, bonus points for the faux leather sleeves that add just the right texture to an otherwise boring coat.

 Eversince I bought my beloved metallic purse, I often times find myself drawn to it  when finishing off an outfit. It adds a bit of bling to any look and seems to go with everything, just like I’ve predicted.

 As proven by the billion photos online, Stan Smiths are absolutely timeless, and just the right choice of footwear for this specific look to keep it from looking too formal. Although I was intending to buy the regular ones with laces, I’m so glad I couldn’t find the right pair that fit me and bought the velcro ones instead, you don’t see them around that much and they’re kind of playful and young which is never a bad idea. 








Turban – Pashmina

Sunnies – Gucci 

Turtleneck – Shana

Coat – Stradivarius

Culottes – Promod

Handbag – Pimkie

Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith



#MoroccanMonday look 47

Finding a good pair of jeans is a blessing one should be forever thankful for, and that’s exactly what happend to me a couple of days ago. I wasn’t planning on buying a pair of jeans when I went out (we all know you’ll need a whole day for that alone, if not more), but I found these amazingly comfy high waisted mum-ish frayed pair that I just had to have. They fit so perfectly into the trend of frayed uneven hems, and I’m kind of over skinnies at the moment. 

 I bought this cozy jumper a couple of years ago and I’m so happy I did. Owning a piece of clothing in an unusual colour (for me at least) can be a bit tricky, but layering it on top of a classic white button-down appears to be the easiest way to rock it. For some reason, the collar of the white button-down keeps shifting when I walk so I decided to pin it down using this cute pineapple pin. 

 My metallic obsession continues with this absolutely gorgeous purse I found. I’m completely in love with its simple design and versatility. However, my wallet is huge so I’m basically unable to fit anything else inside which is a bummer, but I’m still gonna get so much wear out of it if you know what I mean.

 This pair of booties are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn, and they continue to come in handy during this time of year, when you want to be comfortable yet add a few centimetres to your height all whilst showing off the cute hems of your jeans. 







Scarf – Primark 

Button-down – Paradox

Jumper – Forever 21

Jeans – Bershka

Coat – Bershka

Bag – Pimkie

Boots – H&M




#MoroccanMonday look 46

 Canadian Tuxedo:
An outfit consisting of a denim jacket and demin jeans. To spice up the outfit a button down demin shirt may be worn.
As I’ve said in a previous post (or multiple ones I reckon), the good old denim on denim ensemble is my go-to when I’m in a hurry or stuck in a fashion rut. However, I recently found that it also worked when I wanted to draw attention to a stand out piece all whilst avoiding the good old black on black look. I this case, it’s definitely my favourite metallic brogues. 
 I bought this pairing knowing they’d be a life-saver everytime I wanted to add some glam to an outfit or simply look put-together and fresh. My metallic obsession goes beyond shoes but let’s not get into that. 
 As the temperature is starting to drop on this part of the planet, I had to digg out my super warm winter coat that I bought a couple of years ago. Although I prefer coats with hoodies to protect me from getting drenched (I hate carrying an umbreally around), I simply loved this one. It has everything I wouldn’t normally go for when choosing a coat though, from the light colour, lack of hoodie and boxy shape, yet it all looks good when combined together in a weird way and I love it. 
Turban – Pashmina
Button-down – Shana
Coat – Bershka
Jeans – Stradivarius
Borgues – Zara