#MoroccanMonday look 125

Summer is finally here and boy am I happy! The whole mood of this week’s entire outfit is very bubbly, happy and cheerful I couldn’t get enough. Apart from the hustle of getting this delivered, I’m quite happy about scorring a good dress online that fits you to a T.

I’m usually not a dress or skirt kind of girl as I usually prefer investing in separate pieces that I can mix and match with old ones for several outfits, but having one good colourful maxi dress that I can team up with different accessories for different looks could also have its bright side, especially during spring or summer when the Moroccan weather becomes almostĀ unbearable.

This beautiful dress has a little nude camisole underneath that reaches your knees to keep you covered because the fabric is actually see-through during daylight. Thankfully, just like most modest dressers, I already have several nude tops and leggings that come to the rescue when needed. I opted for a light nude top and white leggings to keep me covered, yet wouldn’t peek through the fabric and ruin the look.

Nude flats or even strapped sandals go beautifully with this look, just like I said, floral and colourful pieces are quite easy to combine with so many colours you’d be susprised. Add a bright little structured handbag that ties everything up and you’re good to go.












Turban – Primark

Sunnies – Bershka

Dress – Zara

Flats – H&M

Handbag – Unicorn World

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