#MoroccanMonday look 124

Just like a denim, leather and bomber jacket, the camo jacket is such a fashion staple. I’ve always been on the hunt for the perfect one and finally found this affordable beauty. I absolutely love and all-black look with an oversized camo jacket thrown on, but one can also get creative by adding colour, denim or even white jeans durng chilli summer evenings. 

 I’m petite, so you’d thing that finding a good oversized piece would easy, but it’s definitely not. It’s very hard to find normal outerwear that doesn;t drown you, let alone one that looks oversized yet still fits. Luckily, this jacket is exactly that and more. Its simplicity, the right amount and size of pockets, the colour and espcially the length make it impeccable. And these cute red flats? They’re cherries on top.







Turban – vintage black scarf

Sunnies – Stradivarius

Hoops – Stradivarius

Black top – vintage

Jeans – Stradivarius

Flats – Melany Brown

Jacket – Stradivarius

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