PFW A/W 2020

European shows are so unique and elegant to me, due to the rich history of the continent. Naturally, I’m closing this year’s fashion week posts with my favourite Paris shows:

1- Christian Dior:

Dior AW2020

Casual is not the first thing that jumps into mind when thinking about Dior, and that’s not what the show was entirely about for sure. However, the collection did look much more casual than the rest of the shows. I absolutely love how comfortable and practical everything was.

 The strong feminine suits, the Vans-style shoes and gorgeous handbags were to die for. I also love how Maria Grazia Chiuri always roots for women during her shows either by displaying feminist slogans and artwork, or collaborating with female artists one way or the other making sure she displays her message loud and clear.

 The colour palette was very versatile and appropriate for an autumnal collection, which gave it a chic sophisticated look for sure.

2- Saint Laurent:

Saint Laurent AW2020

 I will never forget the Saint Laurent show a few seasons back, outside at night with the Eiffel Tower glistening in the back. I came to love Anthony Vaccarello’s touch on SL shows that are centred around legs, sexiness and utter fierceness of women, and his recent show is no exception.

 I’m a fan of odd colour combinations, which this show definitely had a few of. The silhouttes are quite eighties, as were the colours, which made the show, oddly enough, very 2020 appropriate. 

 The latex itself was quite a surprise to see encorporated this much, but I quite liked the latex-skirt-boot combo with a strong-shouldered coat or oversized blazer on top, that looks bold and chic regardless of what you wear underneath. I’m also a fan of the velvet we saw here and there, as well as those golden chains and belts.

3- Lanvin:

Lanvin AW2020

 I drooled over the gorgeous handbags that were the highlight of the show if your were to ask me. The style of the clothing looked quite old-fashioned but glamorous enough to be worn nowadays. The colours, silhouettes and fabrics were pretty eye-catching on their own, but the attention to detail and fine accessories gave the looks the perfect finishing touch.


4- Chloé:

Chloé AW2020

 Bohemian chic has always been a signature Chloé look to me, and this collection is no exception. The colour palette is very autumnal and full of earthy tones, which I love.

 The designer collaborated with other women artists to bring out this beautiful collection, from the designs on the pieces to the actual sculptures on the runway, everything was brought to life by brilliant women which added a boost of empowerment to this show.

 Apart from great craftsmanship, attention to detail has been incredibly satisfying to see on each number. I’m not the biggest fan of bohemian-looking clothes, but one cannot help but appreciate these incredible pieces.


5- Balmain:

Balmain AW2020

 My admiration for designers that join an established fashion house and find a way to preserve its heritage all whilst create their own lane is huge, and Olivier Rousteing definitely falls into this category. The way he keeps reinventing himself by designing new innovative pieces and yet keeping the Balmain essence alive is beautiful and inspiring to see.

 Despite having so many looks in one collection, I didn’t want it to end. The way each piece was designed and styled so meticulously is stunning. A full-on PVC look would not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but something tells me seeing it on Olivier’s runway and then modeled afterwards by the Kardashians would change so many people’s minds and make them willing to try it out. Personally, the blazer-cape hybrid is what left me drooling, as did the bold accessories (that Scorpion earcuff on Helena Christensen!!!) and strong-shouldered blazers.

 A huge applause for such an inspiring show for sure!


6- Celine:

Celine AW2020

As I was scrolling down the looks I found myself spontaneously humming Sign of The Times by Harry Styles, that’s how quickly my mind linked the men’s sixties rockstar looks to the ex One Directioner. I love a good throwback look with modern touches, especially when they’ve been made by a brilliant mind such as Hedi Slimane’s.

 I did notice two pieces with traditional Moroccan buttons, which looked beautiful. As did those silk scarves wrapped nonchallantly around both the men and women’s necks. The day-to-day pieces were impeccable, but the dresses and gold-encrusted numbers stood out the most to me.


7- Elie Saab:

Elie Saab AW2020

 Blessing us with a breath of fresh air, the Lebanese designer sent absolute masterpieces down his runway during this gloomy Parisian day. Inspired by Andalusia, each piece had such gorgeous details from tassles to pussy bows and trains, everything was so unique and inspiring, it truly is one of my favourite shows this season.

 I absolutely die for a good suit on women, so no wonder I had to pick the red velvet one as my absolute favourite. The sparkly embroidery and beeds on black chic evening pieces were the epitome of sophistication, as were the see-through tops/dresses. As for that thigh-high slit on a green gown?! A definite showstopper wherever the hell you are.


8- Valentino:

Valentino AW2020

 Colour, amongst other things, is what mainly draws me to Valentino, so it was very surprising to see its little presence this time around. Piccioli stated that fashion should be relevant, so to mirror today’s gloomy weather and news, the majority of his collection included black pieces. I love black, and Piccioli can definitely make any colour work, but a part of me certainly missed the burst of colour he usually offers.

 I absolutely adore the fact that most shows this season had flat comfortable shoes, including Valentino. The models looked comfortable, confident and oozed sophistication. The unique makeup added fun to the looks, as did the sparkles here and there.

 I love combining navy and red, so it should be no surprise that those were a highlight. Another thing that I always pay attention to is wearability for modest fashion wearers. Although the show had a lot of see-through fabrics, several looks were quite modest which gave me inspiration for my own future looks.


9- Stella McCartney:

Stella McCartney AW2020

 Sustainability has been a main focus for Stella way before it was a trend in the fashion world. To see her designs and collaborations being so beautiful, modern and sustainable is such an inspiration to us all. It truly proves than one doesn’t have to compromise as you can truly have it all.

 I love creative touches one wouldn’t expect, which is exactly what a lot of the pieces in this collection had, from those nice crossbody bands on officer’s coats, the beads sticking out from a midi dress and black piping on a gorgeous ivory caftan-like number, everything was cleverly crafted and presented so beautifully.


10- Giambattista Vali:

Giambattista Vali AW2020

 Having a macaron pink background for a Parisian show already hints at a delicate and cutesie collection, and I’m glad it surpassed my expectations. I mean, what else would you expect from a designer whose poofy hot pink dress from a collaboration he did with a high-street brand be sold out instantly?

 I absolutely adore the feminine touches of pearls everywhere, as well as that gorgeous floral pattern embroidered on several numbers that reminded me of sophisticated tea cups. This collection gave me so much inspiration and filled my cute-loving-soul to the brim.


11- Alexander McQueen:

Alexander McQueen AW2020

 “I wanted this collection to be really grounded, bold, and heroic, I feel like you need to be heroic.” those were Sarah Burton’s words regarding this collection. I completely see what she means by that, the models looked like warriors strutting down that catwalk for sure.

  One of my absolute favourite shows are Sarah Burton’s for McQueen. I remember being breathless when I saw her dégradé pieces several seasons ago, and I continue to find her attention to detail and theatrical pieces incredibly stunning. The intricate work and impeccable craftsmanship give me pure joy and are such a treat to see every season. 

 The Scottish inspiration behind this collection is very visible in each number. I adore the harnesses with several pendants worn with strong suits, as well as those sexy leather boots that add a touch even more fierce femininity to the looks.


12- Chanel:

Chanel AW2020

 Inspired by a photograph of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Piaggi, both dressed, as Vogue put it, in the height of Edwardian-revival finery, Virginie Viard presented a collection of a modern day horse rider. The heels, delicate lace and tights may not be what a horse rider would necessarily go for, but oozing that lightness and confidence is definitely something they could relate to.

 The details of a Chanel show are like no other, especially with those cute bags every fashion lover has got their eyes on. The evening dickey was brilliant, as were the tights covered in the signature interlocking Cs. I adored the scalloped edges on a creamy skirt suit, but the blazer made of lace woven with a repeating image of a Pegasus was stunning I had to pause for a while to take it all in.

 Although the venue wasn’t transformed into a dreamy location of some sort like we used to see from Karl, the collection had enough details and beauty to draw you in and completely ignore the surroundings regardless of how they are.









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