BFF Challenge

Getting stuck in a fashion rut is definitely not new for me, or most of us for that matter, so one of the things I love to do to get me out of it is have someone else style me; I’ve tried it with my younger brother who styled me an entire week of work in the office (which you can find on my #OOTD highlight on my Instagram), and now tried it with my bestie who kindly agreed to pick out four or five outfits I wouldn’t normally wear.

She picked pieces from my wardrobe as well as hers to complete the looks she envisioned. I absolutely love how she made me try new styles I wouldn’t usually go for, and she aced every single look if you were to ask me.

  • Look 1:

look 1

A floral button-down, white jeans, comfortable heels, yellow sunnies, a red lip and a white structured bag. This look screams sophisticated summer. I would wear this to go out for dinner at a not-too-chic-yet-not-so-casual-either spot during summer for sure!

  • Look 2:

look 2

Keeping the white base of the previous outfit, we went for an oversized button-down in a very airy fabric, then added a pop of colour with another gorgeous structured bag. Hoops completed the look.

  • Look 3:

look 3

We changed the bag and made another outfit out of this. This truly goes to show that accessories are crucial in making or breaking a look, as well as giving you so many options to wear your pieces in different ways for different occasions.

  • Look 4:

look 4

I’m glad my girl took it upon herself to drag me out of my comfort zone and have me try new styles and different looks, this being one of them. I would never have thought about wearing my scarf this way nor going for this kimono with these trousers, yet I love the look.  She calls this rich-classy-boss-bitch attire and I can see why 😂 .

Bright colours are expected during summer and I love how uplifting they can be to one’s mood. Thankfully we found a handbag that matches this top quite perfectly.

  • Look 5:

look 5

look 6

Last but not least, my most challenging and unexpected outfit of all for very obvious reasons. I completely adore this swaggy look inspired by the queen Neelam Hakeem.

I live for comfortable looks and would most definitely try to recreate this with trainers soon for a concert or a solo feature on my blog.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it all together. Make sure to show some lobe by liking, commenting, sharing and/or subscribing! 



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