#MoroccanMonday look 130

Typing a blogpost after such a long time is extremely refreshing. I’ve been swamped in work these past few weeks that I’ve neglected my pride and joy which is my blog. Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit which gave me time to shoot this new look.

 I’m not the biggest fan of the colder seasons, but I do love a dark look during winter. Fashion is one of the few things in life that can get me excited enough to get through unpleasant times, and I certainly consider the colder seasons to be unpleasant. Many of us have floral pieces that we reserve for spring or summer, but as I love the fact that fashion has no rules, I tend to try and style my summer pieces during autumn and winter as well. 

 Bright and floral dresses can easily be worn this time of year, one can pair them with tights, darker colours, knee-high boots or a leather jacket/coat to make it work. I love adding grungy accessories to make a look complete such as these stunning rings or the beautiful belt. 

 As the weather gets gloomy, my former rocker-chic self tends to emerge ever so slightly. Who knows, I could even go back to full goth mode one day. 






Turban – vintage

Sunnies – Stradivarius

Blazer – Stradivarius

Belt – Stradivarius

Dress – Stradivarius

Bracelets – vintage

Rings – Stradivarius

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