#MoroccanMonday look 128

Jumpsuits are such a hassle-free way to dress yet finding ones that fit can be a blessing and a curse. I fell in love with this new piece due to the very low straps (I had to have them adjusted as they were a tad too long for my upper body) and cullote-like legs. The length of the legs was surprising perfect.

Despite all the positive things about this piece, it fitting me like a glove meant I had to wear a bodysuit or a very fitting top to prevent bulkiness and lines from appearing. Despite my very long search for the perfect piece, I ended up wearing a button-down I had in my wardrobe for ages. I love how the floral print makes the whole look more summer appropriate as the dark blue colour of the jumpsuit could’ve easily turned this look into an autumnal or winter one with the wrong top and accessories.

I’m yet to find an outfit that this boxy white beauty of a handbag wouldn’t go with. The nude flats keep the attention on the florals and the yellow sunnies give off the perfect summer touch.




Version 2



Clips – Stradivarius

Sunnies – Bershka

Button-Down – Kiabi

Jumpsuit – Koton

Flats – H&M

Handbag – Carpisa

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