Gold Getter

This is as great as a comeback outfit can get if you were to ask me. After being away from my blog for almost two full months, I’m ecstatic to finally post again, and what makes me even more excited is my look from head to toe.

As we near the end of the year and an entire decade, I’m surprisingly very indifferent about it, despite making a huge leap by moving my entire life to another country and basically starting over all while getting close to the end of my second decade on this planet. Part of me thinks the stress and overwhelming feeling of complete chaos is going to hit me any day, but another part feels, well, indifferent about it all, let’s hope it stays that way.

I’ve seen silky slips and skirts all over the internet last summer, but could never find a long one with no slit(s) that would be light enough to wear alone during the hot summer days. Luckily, it’s a bit colder now which allows me to layer without melting and still looking cute during winter.

Whilst browsing the racks of Topshop during my recent trip to London, I came across this gorgeous golden skirt that I couldn’t ignore (hence the title of this article. No, it’s not about goals and pursuing dreams, let’s not get too deep 😬). Normally, I wouldn’t buy something I was sure I wouldn’t wear often, but when shopping whilst on holiday I basically give myself “carte blanche” if you will.

The tricky part of buying pieces of a unique shade that go with nothing in your wardrobe, is needing to find another item that would go with it right there and then. Thankfully, Topshop had all the options. I chose to pair this golden look with black, as that was the safest option and due to the fact that I only had black boots and leggings. My lazy attitude turned out to be handy for once because I wasn’t in the mood to change my purse and kept this red one thinking I would simply not feature it, but I actually loved how it all turned out!







Turban – old scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Rollneck – Topshop

Skirt – Topshop

Leggings – Primark

Boots – Zara

Handbag – Unicorn World (on Instagram)

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