MFW A/W 2020

Milan has always been so chic and sophisticated when it comes to fashion. The rich history of the city and country reflects on the designers’ collections and presentations. These are a few of my favourite shows this season:


1- Gucci:

Gucci AW20

I think by now, we can all agree on how much of a genius Alessandro Michele is.

 Making the entrace of the show the backstage area, then presenting his collection on a 360 degree platform where attendees could see models getting through hair, make and wardrobe was such a unique and intimate experience I would imagine.

 Choosing nontraditional beauties as models was always appealing in Alessandro Michele’s shows, but I hope he will include more diverse models when it comes to body shape and size in the near future. 

 Taking us back to his childhood with pieces inspired by schoolgirls such as pinafore dresses, as well as nuns and nurses, he added his twist of kinky pieces by including leather harnesses and dark, sexy, eery makeup.


2- Alberta Ferretti:

Alberta Ferretti AW20

A parade of fierce-looking badass women is what this show was. The eighties’ inspiration was crystal clear with those exaggerated shoulders, harem pants, tight waists and high-heeled slouchy boots. However, the accessories and sleek hair as well as clean makeup turned these looks into 2020 musthaves. 

 I absolutely adore tailoring and clean-cut sharp outerwear, so it’s no surprise I fell head over heels for those monochromatic looks or patterns from head to toe.

 Evening wear featured some bright colours but not too much, leaving the spotlight for an ever-so-chic black colour palette.


3- Max Mara:

Max Mara AW20

Saint Laurent, Jacquemus, Max Mara, and so many designers in-between have presented collections inspired by Morocco. I love when such huge brands draw inspiration from my beautiful country and are vocal about it. 

 The Moroccan influence is very clear not only in the cuts but also the different fabrics, colours and silhouettes: the djellaba-style pieces with hoods, the ropes used as belts, the striped wool fabric that my grandparents still have and wear during cold winter days, and dare I say, even the little individual braid some models had look like the ones my Berber ancestors sported in old photographs.

 Max Mara is legendary when it comes to coats, and this collection further semented that. I drooled over the colour tones and amazing styling of each look, especially the camel and navy pieces, those were phenomenal!


4- Prada:

Prada AW20

Pairing strong masculine pieces or silhouettes with feminine ones has always been one of my favourite combinations. Therefore, seeing the strong blazers paired with fringed skirts and ultra feminine accessories on this catwalk was such a delight.

 The tiny purses and pouches were adorable, especially the ones worn as necklaces with a little tassled rope link that reminded me of Morocco. Speaking of which, a brown coat with a black embroidered closure also gave me hints of my beloved country.

 Odd colour blocking is a Prada signature if you were to ask me, which I love. In my eyes, there is an interesting appeal to unexpected of “ugly colours” being paired together.


5- Fendi:

Fendi AW20

 From boudoir to the boardroom was what this show was all about and I’m in love with the chicness of it all.

 The satin boots or gorgeous box clutches with the house logo were a dream. I also loved the ballerina-esque headpieces paired with a sleek hairdo and a good bold lip.

 See-through dresses with lace and fringe were gorgeous, the same goes for the structured coats with puffed sleeves and elegant gloves. Don’t get me started on the yellow pieces that scream elegant fashionista. I’d like one of every single piece please ad thank you.


6- Moschino:

Moschino AW20

I’m fascinated by Jeremy Scott and his way of expressing himself in such creative ways all whilst remaining focused and having a message behind each collection. That’s very impressive.

 Making such a bold statement by choosing Mary-Antoinette’s famous “let them eat cake” moment as his inspiration nowadays is quite out there even for Scott.

 I love how cartoonish and joyful the dresses looked, but what excited me even more were the wearable pieces one could see themselves in. The confidence and youthfulness of the models gave the collection even more excitement and freshness. 

 The cake dresses, as unusual and over-the-top as they were, were the icing on the..well..cake.


7- Versace:

Versace AW20

Leave it to the queen of flash to go all out when it comes to chic and sophistication during fashion week.

 The all-black looks were so extra and diva-like I’m in love. Especially the oversized tinted sunglasses and high-heeled leather boots conveying a message of ‘dont’t talk nor mess with me’. 

 I love layering as much as the next girl, combine that with a sharp suit and I’m all yours. Therefore, a combination of those looks would probably be my absolute favourite.

 Although the colleciton focused on daywear, with boots, coats, jeans and deconstructed knits, DV can’t present a show without making us drool over some gorgeous evening looks. The little black dresses with sparkly puffy bits were a dream, as was the sexy maxi dress with a thigh slit and a jewel green underlayer.


8- Boss:

Boss AW20

Continuing the fringe trend, Ingo Wilts featured several pieces with exaggerated fringing during his show that I loved. The colour palette however, is what I adored the most. Those lilac, russet and navy tones were very autumnal and chic. 

 I adore outerwear and Wilts is definitely a pro in that department. The craftsmanship, attention-to-detail and the timeless clean cuts all made this such an unforgettable collection.


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