LFW A/W 2020

Fashion week in Europe has its own appeal and vibe that I adore. London always brings out young talent and eclectic style in my opinion. However, I always look forward to the following few shows:


1. Molly Goddard:

Molly Goddart AW20

The first time I saw a Molly Goddard creation was a few years ago on Killing eve, and I don’t think anyone else would’ve done that fluffy pink dress any justice better than Vilanelle.

 The playful feel of the collection with layers of voluminous dresses underneath thick colourful jumpers was refreshing, as were the hats with that DIY feeling. I love a multiple mix of colors but the creepers-dark-tight-long-poofy-skirt combo was definitely my favourite. 

 We all know by now how much I love a suit, so the menswear was also very appealing and dream-worthy for sure.


2. Victoria Beckham:

Victoria Beckham AW20

 One of the shows I look forward to is definitely Victoria Beckham’s. The way she figured out her lane and stayed true to it all whilst still challenging herself is inspiring to say the least.

 The jumpers were a dream, as were the coats and blazers. I love how feminine, demure and elegant the Victoria Beckham woman is, with high platform shoes that give that modern and youthful touch to each look.


3. Roland Mouret:

Roland Mouret AW20

 I usually think about red carpet dresses when I hear Roland Mouret, but I was pleasantly surprised to see such beautiful outerwear with evening dresses thrown in-between. I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything less really.

 The attention to detail was on point, and by that I especially meant those genius white mask brooches attached to some blazers.

 The various colours in this collection, along with the cuts and silhouettes gave me a slight 80s vibe, that would fit in a 2020 wardrobe like a dream.


4. Erdem:

Erdem AW20

I absolutely love the glitz and glam of the twenties (hello Great Gatsby greatness), so for this collection to be inspired by it was phenomenal.

 I adore pieces with tiny details such as that beaded brown suit or the dress with dangling pearls. I’m also a sucker for a good pointy collar and a show-stopping headpiece.

 The black roses wrapped delicately around the models’ necks were a beautiful touch to add some playfulness and youthfulness to the looks.


5. Burberry:

Burberry AW20

One of the most anticipated shows of LFW would definitely be Burberry, due to Christopher Bailey’s ridiculous talent if one were to ask me. After his departure, I wasn’t sure if the brand’s show would still be in my top 10, but I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did.

 Despite it being a fairly long show with 108 (!) looks, I enjoyed getting lost in Riccardo Tisci’s creative universe. The deconstructed and reinvented pieces were so clever and exciting.

 I have no idea how the models didn’t fall and break their necks with those risky yet cool cowboy-style boots, but that’s probably why they pay them the big bucks.

 Seeing hijabi models on such huge runways is still new and such a delight, especially when the designer actually makes an effort to include a hijab in the collection instead of simply using a hat, scarf or creative headpiece to keep the model’s head covered. Therefore, seeing an actual full-on Burberry hijab on the lovely Ugbad gave me so much joy. One model in a cast of 108-ish is hardly a landslide change, but even for such baby steps applause is still due.

 The collection gave me so much styling inspiration, especially when it comes to layering. The attention to detail was phenomenal and sophisticated. I loved every single piece, especially those trench coats, but were you surprised really?



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