How to style: Culottes

Before everyone assumes I fall in love with whatever trend they throw out there, that’s definitely not true-most of the time at least-.

Just like those midi-leggings in the early 2000s, I wasn’t quite sure about culottes when they were all the hype in recent years. However, after seeing so many chic looks online of women rocking them and looking absolutely impeccable, as well noticing how versatile they can actually be, I was hooked. Therefore, my black culottes have been featured in my blog more than any other clothing piece I reckon, and I’m certainly not over them-yet.

Here is a look back at my favourite ways to style culottes, and hopefully you will be inspired to try them out as well should you still not be as in love with them already as I’am.


For an easy breezy casual look, pairing culottes with trainers seems to be the easiest way to pull this look off all year round.


When you’re not so tall such as my self, heels can be a great way to elevate your look. Not only does a pair of culottes elongate your legs, the heels give the illusion of having legs for days! Bonus points for being able to show off your beautiful shoes.


Culottes can be a great substitute for that pair of jeans you always wear when you’re out of time and have no time to think about an entire outfit, all whilst still looking put-together. This was exactly what I went for in this photo. I knew a pair of culottes and chic flats would look good regardless of my top. Add a choker, minimal accessories and a leather jacket then you’re good to go.


Fast forward to summer and I’m still opting for culottes instead of other trousers. I even travelled wearing it (it got a bit wrinkled but that’s why I bought it in black, nobody noticed anything). Althoug the fabric is a bit thick, it’s breezy compared to jeans or leggings during summer.


Sun’s out toes out right! And what other way to do so other than pairing these black culottes with golden sandals? It’s a match made in fashion heaven.


For swaggy gals, culottes can still look cool believe it or not. Neautral colours, denim and a pop of red always looks great. Additionally, an outfit that can be both cool and comfy is always a terrific idea if you were to ask me.


Regardless of my love for comfort, I have to pick up those heels every now and again. Culottes can be appropriate in formal settings such as the office, as well as when meeting up with friends afterwards all whilst looking like the epitome of sophistication. Add a chic red lip and you’re more than good to go.


Tempretaures dropped and I needed a bit more layers to keep warm. A whole black outfit with a pop of colour and animal print is bound to keep you on the fashionistas’ list. The culottes’ thick fabric was perfect for fall, and to show off these killer brogues that I’m still obsessed with-obv!


Although I can count the amount of clothing items Stan Stimths don’t go with on one hand, culottes are definitely not one of them. Again, the cropped ends definitely help make your shoegame pop!


During winter, I still can’t put the culottes away especially when wearing silky tops. Should you find it too cold to rock them such as myself, go for tights and you’ll still look top-notch.

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