#MoroccanMonday look 61

Although we're well into Spring right now, the weather still needs to catch up a bit. Therefore, I decided to give it a helping hand this week by wearing my favourite (and probably only) floral dress. The sheer fabric and splits give it just the right amount of exposure and make it possible to layer on... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 60

Staying true to my promise of last week, this sleeveless coat is being featured again and I still can't get enough of it. Due to this volatile weather, I love layering this coat on top of light jumpers to balance everything out. Also, I haven't found one clothing piece that this coat doesn't go with... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 59

 There are a lot of things I would have loved to have in life, one of them is definitely being able to make use of my sisterhood and swap clothes with my younger sister without having to worry myself sick. However, as we can't have it all (or even some of it for that matter),... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 58

Pink is unsurprisingly one of the hottest colours this season, especially soft and dusty pinks. Therefore, when my sister bought this beautiful pink bomber jacket, and as I've been eyeing bomber jackets for quite a while now, I knew I had to try it out some time before investing in one, and well, consider me sold.... Continue Reading →

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