#MoroccanMonday look 57

When I bought this metallic bag, I was definitely not planning on pairing¬†it with my metallic shoes despite my brother's suggestion. However, as I've been more open-minded when it comes to combining the same shiny materials in recent months, not only did I wear both pieces together, I even went as far as to add... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 56

Every once in a while, you bump into a piece of clothing that you instantly fall in love with, that's what happened to me when with this top. From the gorgeous golden thread and asymmetrical hem, I knew I had to bring it back home with me. Also, it being on sale was definitely a... Continue Reading →

#MoroccanMonday look 55

Unlike what Regina George dictates, pink is not only reserved for Wednesdays believe it or not. Although my outfits don't necessarily reflect it, I actually love me a bit of pink every now and again, whether it's subtle such as pink nails, or an all pink outfit from head to toe. ¬†Even though there has... Continue Reading →

How to style: Culottes

Before everyone assumes I fall in love with whatever trend they throw out there, that's definitely not true-most of the time at least-. Just like those midi-leggings in the early 2000s, I wasn't quite sure about culottes when they were all the hype in recent years. However, after seeing so many chic looks online of... Continue Reading →

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