#MoroccanMonday look 28

 Happy Monday! 

 I’m extremely excited because I’m posting this whilst being on much-needed holiday chillaxing with a cocktail near the pool. I wish this wasn’t temporary. 

 In a time where poeple are trying to break free from labels and stereotypes, there is nothing wrong with being the typical “girly girl” and sporting pink or florals. As a matter of fact, I combined them in this week’s look which shows that one can wear whatever style they want. I may have added black because I’m not into the all pink look, but if you like barbie pink from head to toe then be my guest. After all, there is nothing “basic” about feeling confident enough to walk around in whatever it is that you like. 

 Due to the extremely high temperatures in Morocco this month, I had to stick to cotton and light fabrics instead of skinnies and fitted shirts to keep myself from melting. Although black can be too hot during summer, I try to avoid it when it comes to headscarves. The rest is fine as long as it’s not thick. 

These sandals are ridiculously comfortable, so seeing them in almost every single post shouldn’t be shocking, especially now that I’m away and will walk around a lot, I’ll definitely wear them to death. 






Scarf – Marwa / Sunglasses – Gucci / Blouse – Mango / Long blouse – Shana / Culottes – Promod / Sandals – Kiabi. 


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