#MoroccanMonday look 18

Hi guys!

 Due to this odd spring weather I was forced to wear my good old turtleneck to keep me warm, and when you have to wear these type of clothes you might as well do it fashionably. Therefore, I paired it with my all time fave (which you may have already known by now) black culottes, gorgeous golden sandals and my sister’s beige vest. 

 To be honest, I wouldn’t buy this type of vests in general (too short), and most definitely not this exact vest due to its poor quality, nor would I wear it. However, because it was a weekend and I wasn’t going anywhere special, I gave it a try and snapped some photos along the way.

 The inside of the vest has a weird colourful pattern that ruins its look, and the hems are badly sewed which is such a waste as this could’ve been an ok vest considering the nice waterfall front. The touch of it made me think it was Marwa’s, but my sister actually bought it from a mall in Kenitra a few weeks ago and instantly regretted it. Now, it’s probably gonna sit in our closet until the end of time. I’d probably try pairing it with jeans and another look though, just for the fun of it. 

 Pairing neutrals together is always a safe choice. To add some colour I opted for golden sandals which compliment the colour as well as shape of my culottes, and the leopard printed sunglasses always add a lovely touch. 




Turban – Pashmina / Turtleneck – Shana / Culottes – Promod / Vest – Kenitra Mall / Sandals – Call It Spring / Sunglasses – Chanel / Watch – Parfois. 

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