#MoroccanMonday look 32

Aloha guys!

 Should you also be located near the Equator, then you’re probably dying of the heat wave as well. If not, count your blessings! 

 Despite the heat, I opted for a black piece of clothing believe it or not for today’s look and I didn’t even regret it. To be fair, it was a pair of culottes with a very comfortable fabric, so it wasn’t as horrible as you’d think. 

 I wanted to wear something comfortable yet put together, something that would still let me breathe in this heat but also be appropriate for a little get-together, and how else would I achieve that without my trusted striped button-down that seems to go with anything and everything? I absolutely love this button-down because of the fine stripes and airy fabric. At first, I thought that the fact it didn’t button all the way up would be a problem, but it actually made it even better because it allowed me to use my pins and get creative with it. 

 I’ve said this in so many previous posts and will probably continue to say it, culottes are absolutely amazing and add such class to one’s wardrobe. Just like a red lip, I haven’t worn heels in ages! So I’ve chosen both to add some life to this outfit. 






Turban – Pashmina / Sunglasses – Gucci / Red Lip – L’Oréal 304 in Ruby Opera / Button-down – Shana / Culottes – Promod / Heels – Zara. 



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