Suicide Squad review

 I’m not an expert in the world of comics nor do I have a favourite, but I do enjoy some of those DC and Marvel movies every once in a while depending on the cast. Eversince I’ve seen the ads and snippets of Suicide Squad last year I’ve been so damn excited and looking forward to seeing it, especially because of the phenominal creature that is Jared Leto and the rest of the amazing star-studded cast. Regardless of some complications I’ve had that kept me from going to see it the exact same day it was out, I’ve fortunately succeeded in avoiding all the online spoilers for a week and a half wich made me see the film through fresh eyes (keep in mind that I know nothing about the comics so I’m not comparing anything/anyone).

 The following story has SPOILERS for Suicide Squad, so if you were still planning on seeing it, you better stop reading.

 What couldn’t be avoided though was the very bad reviews critics gave this film and as much as I want to disagree with them and adore the movie, I have to agree with them to some extent. The cast was brilliant, their performances were on point, the costumes, sound effects and visual effects were out of this world but the biggest disappointment to me was the storyline. It’s like they’ve spent all their time polishing the performances and making sure the acting was perfect as well as the coreography for the fight scenes but forgot to work on the most important thing which is the plot. I completely understand that this is a comic and they usually have those over the top encounters/fights with the “bad guys” but the whole thing with Enchantress lacked originality and the element of surprise. The beginning of the film was very promising but as everything unfolded it just got too dull and predictable. 

 The main reason why I initially wanted to see the movie was Jared Leto. I’ve been a huge fan of his music for so many years and completely believe that he is a brilliant actor as well (the Oscar proved it). His quirky style in real life and eccentric self make him that much more interesting, so when he agreed on playing this huge role as Mr.J I knew he would kill it. Therefore, my biggest disappointment was definitely him. The acting seemed forced and it looked as if he didn’t have too many scenes (which was also the case by the way) so he had to bust out all his moves at once and left nothing hidden. I’m not going to compare him to the previous Joker because they’re very different, but I wish he made this Joker look a bit deeper and more mysterious rather than a crazy guy with weird facial expressions and a cool wardobe. 

 The rest of the cast was ok. I specially liked Deadshot (Will Smith), but when is Will not likable really? Margot Robbie was praised for her performance as Harley Quinn which I thought was good, nothing wowed me about it but it was ok. Cara Delevingne on the other hand was brilliant as Enchantress, as June Moon? Not so much, she could’ve been even better should the storyline be improved as well as her lines. By now you’d know how much I hated the plot but what made it even worse was one of the characters, Enchatress’s brother, a big “demon” made of railways and was on fire (??!), thank God the rest of the characters were way better and I think the costume department did a terrific job.

 All in all, I would definitely see this film again when it’s out on DVD, I believe one can judge a film better when seeing it more than once especially when the first time they’ve seen it was in the cinema. Suicide Squad had so much potential it could’ve been the best film of 2016 for me, but they’ve ruined it with he horrible plot. I hope the sequel will be better, the ending definitely suggested there would be one though nothing was specified, so the whole squad could be returning (I hope so!) or they could only carry on with the Joker and Harley Quinn facing off Batman or the Justice League. They could also leave it as it is and cast a whole new Joker for future Batman films. Either way, I would definitely watch another film of Jared Leto as the Joker, because no matter what, his acting skills and dedication to the roles he plays are always very unpredictable and interesting to see.


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