Bonny in brogues


As my previous post indicated, these brogues will be seen a lot on my blog for a while, especially during autumn and winter, which makes me even more excited to start styling them with warmer clothes-even though they won’t be that warm considering the fact that summer probably lasts until the end of September here in Morocoo (I’m not complaining!). 

 The masculine trend has been going on for quite a while now and it’s something I find appealing if done right. I think pixie haircuts and manly trouser suits on women can be very attractive when they’re balanced and not too straight forward if that makes any sense. Although I’ve never really tried styling a masculine look on me, not on purpose at least, diving into that type of looks is something I would certainly want to experience with one day, and what better way to start than with these gorgeous metallic brogues? Because they’re platform brogues and have a metallic tint they give you a bit of height and still look feminine which matches my taste perfectly. 

  To maintain a laid-back style because these are definitely statement shoes, I’ve only added pieces that were somewhat basic such as blue jeans and a black turban. The red plaid shirt is fairly basic in my opinion because it can go with a lot of over-the-top pieces without turning you into a hot mess. My vintage handbag was a must and the statement necklace added a bit of needed bling to the top part of the outfit. This was such a comfortable outfit that I will definitely be rocking again. 








Turban – Pashmina / Sunglasses – Gucci / Button-down – random shop in Holland / Jeans – Camaïeu / Brogues – Zara. 


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