Raspberry & Chocolate Cake -part 2-


whipped cream 

strawberries (preferably fresh)

raspberries (preferably fresh)

chocolate bar

icing sugar 

Strawberry/rasberry jam


First, melt the chocolate and jam in two seperate bowls, each one set over a pan with simmering water. Add a tiny bit of butter to your chocolate to keep it smooth, and a bit of water to the jam until it’s liquid and resembles a syrup. Prepare the whipped cream and don’t forget to add some icing sugar whilst doing so.

Using a thread or knife (depending on your level of baking skills), split the cake in half (horizontally) and create tiny holes usng a fork, this way the jam can penetrate the cake to make it extra moist (don’t let your mind wander with all these terms). Pour the jam and spread it carefully, then add half of the whipped cream on top.

 After that, unite the two halves again and spread the melted chocolate on top. Add whatever patterns you want using the rest of the whipped cream (you can clearly see that it’s my first time trying it-no judging!) and go all out with the raspberries/strawberries. Finally, sift some icing sugar and cocoa for added colour as well as mint leaves.

Et voilà! Don’t forget to tag me when trying out this mouthwatering cake.



Click here to view the video.


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