Raspberry & Chocolate Cake -part 1- 



 1 glass of oil (15 cl)

 1 1/2 glass of sugar (150 g)

 1 yoghurt (with sugar)

 5 eggs

 1 1/2 packets of baking powder

 1 packet of vanilla sugar

 4 table spoons of pure cocoa

 Some lemon zest

 Some butter for the cake tin


In a bowl, cream the eggs, sugar (both vanilla and normal) and lemon zest together until light and a tiny bit fluffy. Mix in the yoghurt then add the oil gradually whilst stirring slowly. 

After you add the cocoa to the mix and stir using a whisk for a few seconds (we don’t want the mixture to be runny), it’s time to add the baking powder and sift the flour gradually until you end up with a smooth batter (not too thick nor too runny).  

Rub some butter on the tin and pour the mixture, bake for 20-25 minutes in about 170c (electric oven). Leave to cool completely. 

Click here for part 2.

Click here to view the video.


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