#MoroccanMonday look 19

Salam everybody! 

 I’m in high spirits today due to the long weekend! Everyone shares the “Monday-hatred” so it’s lovely to be off today. 

 Moving on to today’s look. Eversince the Kardashian phenomenon started, people (myself included sometimes) have been obsessing over their wardrobe, makeup and hair looks. Therefore, when Kim K started wearing those midiskirts/dresses, they were sold out everywhere and almost everybody started rocking them. To be honest, I wasn’t into them at all because I’m quite short and they made me look even shorter (the same applies to Kim by the way). However, when my sister bought them I began liking them and actually considering wearing them one day. 

 Well, that day has come and I’m actually wearing my sister’s olive green midi dress (don’t be irrational and actually think I bought one! That’ll probably take another year or so). One can either take the safe route and simply keep the focus on the dress by pairing it with neutral-coloured accessories, but because I can’t show my legs, it took me forever to style this “modestly” all while keeping it trendy and somewhat classy (talk about a challenge!).

 I don’t like plain leggings that much (I know, those people actually exist!) and find that they can make your outfit kind of cheap/boring, so I chose these fake leather ones to add a different texture to the whole look. I would never ever wear midi anything with flats (hello hobbit) and therefore added my trusted black suede heels. 

 Olive green is not such a hard colour to style, but with a midi skirt? Oh goodness it took me hours to finally decide on what matches and doesn’t make this outfit look like a costume. I can already hear you going “but didn’t you diss this sleeveless vest in your last post though?” yes, I did, but even I didn’t know it would come in handy. Thank God the dress had sleeves, otherwise it would’ve caused a whole other endless drama for me. 

 All in all, I liked the look and I always love a challenge so I’m definitely not complaining. With that said, I’m still not a hundred percent sure about this trend and I’d much better stick to my trusted trousers.  




Scarf – Primark / Sunglasses – Chanel / Vest – Kenitra Mall / Midi dress – Bershka / Leggings – Utrecht (random shop) / Heels – Zara / Bag – vintage. 

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