Healthy smoothies-first impression

If you’re anything like me and don’t live in the U.S-specifically L.A-or any other country in which people are obsessed with green smoothies and healthy juices, then you’re intrigued by them. Therefore, when I saw these juices being sold in Carrefour I just had to try them, and to make it useful, blog about the whole thing and give you my honest opinion.

Disclaimer: As much as I’d like to sugar coat it to myself, I’m probably the unhealthiest person you’ll ever meet, so I wasn’t very enthusiastic about trying this, and had very little hope I would actually like any of it.

– The shop named Saladbar is located in Carrefour (Souissi-Rabat). These juices are the first purchase of mine, but according to the people who eat there regularly, the shop also sells meals using fresh and healthy ingredients.


– They only had four flavours to try made by a brand called Pur, which I couldn’t find online to be honest so I’m gonna have to stick to the description and details the salesman and flyer gave me. Also, new flavours are added daily according to the salesman, so it should be interesting to try new ones in the future.DSC_0050

Translation: The cold press technique is the best way to make healthy juices using fresh fruits and vegetables while maintaining their healthy vitamins.

  • 100% natural juices.
  • 35% more vitamins.
  • 75% additional antioxidants.
  • Unpasteurised and without additives.

The introductory price is now 22 MAD (+/-2.00 € ) per bottle. Also, they added a “best before” date on the lids, which gave me one day to drink everything. The good thing is it proves how fresh they are really, but the bad part is you can’t stock up on them. 

1-Orange and strawberry:


  • Expectations: I like oranges and love strawberries, so I have no idea how they could mess this up.
  • Smell: A bit sour but good.
  • Taste: Too bitter, still drinkable though. According to my mum, the bitterness comes from the inside part of the peels of the oranges. 
  • Stars: 1.5

2-Orange, carrot and ginger:


  • Expectations: Could be good. I’m not a fan of carrots but I reckon the oranges and ginger will cancel them out. 
  • Smell: Like grass with a hint of oranges, which is not a good sign.
  • Taste: Extremely bitter and absolutely undrinkable. 
  • Stars: none.

3-Beetroot, apple, lemon and ginger:


  • Expectations: I hate beetroot so I’m horrified. If the two appealing ones were that bad I can’t imagine how this one can beat that.
  • Smell: 100% beetroot.
  • Taste: Surprisingly sweet! I think it’s the lemon and lack of oranges, but it’s drinkable! I wouldn’t buy it again, but if someone were to offer me one and I had no choice but to drink it, I wouldn’t mind.
  • Stars: 5

4-Orange, apple, spinach, broccoli and fennel: 


  • Expectations: Terrified. The colour alone is not promising and I loathe fennel. Also, the only way I can eat broccoli is with so much salt and sauce that I can barely taste it.
  • Smell: Disgusting. It reminds me of my failed attempt at making a green smoothie once. 
  • Taste: Terrible! I seriously had to eat something afterwards to keep me from throwing up after one small sip. 
  • Stars: None, zero, nada, nul!


So all in all, I’m never going to waste my money by buying the above juices again. However, for the sake of my blog, I’m willing to try out new flavours and keep you posted.

I hope you enjoyed reading my short review, make sure to hit ‘like’ if you did. Should you have any food you’re intrigued by and want me to try it out first, let me know in the comments below or contact me through other social media platforms.









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