Easiest & quickest nail art ever

I usually have bare nails, but when I’m in the mood for a good manicure, I usually try to go for unique ones either at home or a salon. As much as I like neutrals and simple colours, sparkles, glitter and beads have also been tried on my nails. However, to perfect those, one needs time which is not always possible. Here is a super easy look I like to rock for an event or a limited period of time where I need some extra-looking (ratchet in a good way) nails. 


You’ll need basic tools to prepare your nail, clear nailpolish and beads of any kind (the smaller the better). 


I chose pink, silver and holographic beads. They could be too big for some, but I didn’t mind the size. 


Start out by filing your nails to your preferred length. The longer the better as you’ll have more space to work on.


Push your dead skin to allow more space for your beads and tto give this a clean look.


Remove dead skin should there be any.


Apply one coat of clear nail polish. This will work as glue to which the beads can stick.


Picking each bead up with your finger can work, but a pair of tweezers is more precise.


Apply the beads wherever you like. It could be in random places like I did, or you can be precise.


& Voila! They’re chunky, attention-grabbing and I love it!



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