#MoroccanMonday look 122

Orange, what a tricky colour to rock. I’ve been gifted these loafers by my sister one year ago. Yes! One entire year and I havent’t dared to wear them because I had no idea how to style them. However, I love a challenge when it comes to clothes and I love all colours equally, so I decided to go for it and try to rock it despite my nerves. 

 After some research online, I found blue to be the best colour choice to pair with orange. I’m not going to lie, opting for neutral earthy tones, white and denim would probably be the safest and most predictable route, but I’d like to think that my bright blue bag was somewhat of a bold move that went quite perfectly with the orange tones. It also helps that the location for this shoot had a blue wall I could pose against. 

Due to the beautiful weather, a button-down was enough which I’m extremely thankful for because I cannot bare to think I had to find a coat or blazer that would compliment this look. Seriously, that’s not a challenge I’m willing to tackle.

Overall, this turned out to be a lovely look I’m willing to repeat. The turban style is new to me and surprisingly easy to recreate. I felt extremely comfortble which is always the feeling I try to achieve all whilst looking put-together and fashionable.




It takes all of my will not to take a sharpy and add “ly” after tender. 






Turban – Primark

Sunnies – Stradivarius

Earrings – DIY project

Necklace with round pendant – Aldo

Creme top – Lmanal

Button-down – Stradivarius

Jeans – Stradivarius

Loafers – Yan & One

Bag – Stradivarius



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