Organic Kitchen, Casablanca

 After hearing about this constantly from a friend of mine that’s obsessed, I had to try it when I was in Casablanca, and let’s say I wasn’t disappointed.

 After a very exhausting day of walking, we stopped at Organic Kitchen in its calm and clean neighbourhood for a bite. The place looks beautiful and spacious on the inside but we needed some fresh air and despite the risk of rain, we took our chances. 

 The staff is friendly and welcoming, but so are the delicious and healthy options on the menu. Despite the high prices, I would definitely come back for their unique dishes and very healthy LA-ish food choices and decor.



They have shelves packed with organic goods such as chocolate and jam!


I love spots with a diverse menu and interesting choices, bonus points when they’re actually healthy! 

Vegan and gluten-free food is just now starting to pop up in Morocco, but it’s yet to be mainstream. This place has so many options for vegetarians and vegans it’s such a treat. 


The falafel and humus wrap was a delight. I thought the portions would be too small but they were actually just nd balanced. 


Whenever avocado toast is on a menu, I’m bound to go for it. This one was packed with avocado and salmon I was in heaven. The whole grain bread and salad on the side made my somewhat-healthy-loving self extremely satisfied. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of eggs, I couldn’t pass. 


Blueberries and coconut milk, such a nice combination. I absolutely adore the fact that they’re not using plastic straws and not damaging the environment. It would take me a lot to completely cut my daily use of plastic and toxic materials, but baby steps, people. Baby steps.



We got this spicy nacho plate with anything and everything on it as a side dish. It was a bit too spicy for me (someone who NEVER eats spicy food), but the mix on top of it and lemon balanced everything out. I actually liked it.


For people who claim healthy food cannot be delicious nor look good, I dare you to come here and not fall in love with at least one thing. If not taste wise, then at least you’ll like the presentation and get an Instagram-worthy photo out of it. 

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