#MoroccanMonday look 119

It seems like last season’s athleisure trend has finally reached my wardrobe. I wear trainers almost daily but style them with regular jeans and simple tops for work. However, I’ve been drawn to sporty-looking leggings for a few weeks now that I’m seriously contemplating buying a pair of Yeezys and sporty tops.

 Going for an all black look hasn’t been something I’ve done for a few years now, as I almost always look for other colours to break the look and make it more relaxed instead of too drak or harsh. Therefore, grey and white with a pop of red is a look that always speaks to me regardless of the occasion. I’ve been lucky enough to bump into this handy page named Unicorn World on instagram, owned by a gorgeous girl with an even better soul if I may add, and I’ve already added some of her things to my must-have-list. 

 This small red handbag can literally go with anything and everything. Whether it’s a casual look with trainers such as this one, or a classy look with a pair of heels for meetings, you can never go wrong with a (faux) croc red handbag, so expect to see this way more often on my blog. 

 I’ve had this crop-top for a few months now but only wore it during summer because I’m always cold during the rest of the seasons. Still, I found myself grabbing it to go with this thick and comfy pair of leggings so I had no choice but to figure out how to rock it yet still be able to function, then in came the black roll neck that has come in extremely handy this season for quite obvious reasons.

This is probably one of my favourite looks I’ve chosen this year. IT’s very comfortable, fashionable anda appropriate for running errands during the week or chilling with friends during the weekend. I’m proud of myself for coming up with it, yay me!









Sunnies – Stradivarius

Hoops – Stradivarius

Roll neck – Shana

Crop Top – Bershka

Leggings – Zara

Trainers – Nike

Cardigan – H&M

Nails – Milani 

Handbag – Unicorn World

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