Kulte Coffee & Food, Rabat

I’ve had this place on my list of food spots to try for a couple of years now, but have only gotten around to trying it lately. Unfortunately, they’re only open on weekdays, which means I need to actually take a day off to enjoy their food. Having Lovely sheep ice-cream be available there as also one of the reasons I was eager to go.

After seeing their amazing avo-toasts on their IG page, I couldn’t wait to devour them. However, I came to realise once I was there that their menu actually changes regularly, something I was bummed about but quickly got over it after I saw and tried their most recent choices.

Hidden (and I mean having-to-ask-people-about-it hidden) on the first or second floor of a building downtown, probably owned (or at least co-owned) by foreigners because of all the lovely French workers there as well as the decor and its minimal vibe, a cute little spot that only fits a handful of people, Kult Coffee & Food looks like the perfect place to be for a quick and healthy bite, or to enjoy a cuppa (they’re very generous with their tea, so I’d probably order one pot for multiple people). Although my meals were not vegan/vegetarian, I assume they’d have that available on one of their menus at some point but I’m not sure.


The weather was too lovely to waste indoors, so we sat at a corner outside in the shade enjoying the sun and our food.


Although I hate novel-like menus where one needs an entire hour or so to decide what to eat, I’m not the biggest fan of very limited ones such as this one. However, because it’s such a small place run by very few people (maybe even one?), I completely understand the limited choices, it even forced me to order something completely new that I wouldn’t have gone for had there been more regular options.




I ordered a classic Earl Grey with a side of milk, and the Salad De Poulpe (I had to Google poulpe before ordering and I felt safe enough to give it a try). The octopus (poulpe) tasted like calamari in a way with a sponge-like texture, it wasn’t bad. The rest of the salad was quite basic.


The traditional eggs (Oeufs Beldis Brouillé) were very tasty. Despite hating dill and not being the biggest fan of eggs, the spices and everything that went with it were actually good. The side of bread to go with it was exactly right.


All in all, it was such nice experience and I will definitely keep an eye on the menu before going back next time just to make sure my favourite choices are on it. The staff was lovely, which is always a huge plus, and the location is hidden enough to allow you to breathe and enjoy your food.

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