MFW A/W 2018

Continuing fashion week reviews of my favourite shows, here is what I thought about #MFW A/W 2018:

1- Gucci:

Gucci A:W 2018

 One of the most sought after brands and designers these couple of years. One could only imagine what Alessandro Michele could present to outdo himself, and you should definitely keep an open-mind. 

Each piece was made immaculately and very youthful. The styling of the pieces was also interesting and fun, definitely reserved for the runway though in my humble opinion. 

2- Alberta Ferretti:

Alberta Ferretti A:W 2018

Keeping the focus on women and their empowerment, the show featured big shoulders inspired by the eighties and bad arse leather pieces giving women a tougher look and even more character.

I absolutely loved the all black looks with those cool Western looking hats, as well as the touches of gold making the looks that much more chic. Silky pieces were also shown in various autumnal colours as well as metallics, which gave the collection and very modern and sophisticated look.

 3- Moschino:

Moschino A:W 2018

It baffles me how someone can design entire collections for two different brands and have them be so beautiful and successful, so kudos to the talented Jeremy Scott for excelling at that. 

 This collection was inspired by the wild conspiracy theories surrounding JFK, Jackie O and Marylin Monroe. Scott focused on one theory in particular stating that JFK told Monroe about the existence of aliens which then led to her assassination as well as his for exposing the secret. As for Jackie O, the conspiracy questions whether or not she was human. Considering everything she’d been through and yet still looked so put-together and on point. 

 The collection started with a typical Jackie O suit featuring a pillbox hat, then a few pieces showed illustrations of made-up medication names hinting at the theories surrounding her use of too much medication to keep her at bay after all the ish she had to deal with. After that, modernised suits followed in flashy colours and leather; some models were even painted green, blue or other alienlike colours.

 I highly enjoyed the creative aspect of the show and those interesting pieces shown. The black fuchsia/black suit/dress hybrid Joan Smalls wore was one of the pieces that definitely caught my eye. 

 4- Max Mara:

Max Mara A:W 2018

Ever since the inspiring and gorgeous Halima Aden stepped onto the Max Mara runway last season, I’ve been looking forward to each collection every season. 

 Adding the punk rebellion touch into the otherwise relaxes MAx Mara show by featuring black leather, dark smokey eyes and straps was absolutely genius. 

 The coats were stunning, which is the case for all their coats to be honest. I loved the trousers layered underneath bodycon skirts, as well as the covered yet sexy looks all the models wore. 

 Featuring two different black models in hijab with two different looks was historic! Hopefully the rest of the designers will follow suit. 

 5- Fendi:

Fendi A:W 2018

From the stunning colours to the incredible chic cuts, everything looked sophisticated yet strong. Those eighties exaggerated shoulders, which Fendi was one of the first brands to feature on the runway in the early days, were paired with feminine colours or pieces such as baby pink boots and a cinched in waist to balance it all out. 

 I love how almost every single show so far has focused on women and their empowerment. Give me one of those silky dresses or gorgeous boots and see me conquer the world. 

 6- Prada:

Prada A:W 2018

 The show looks dark and gloomy with the black runway, but the loud neon colours as well as the tulle pieces give it a softer more feminine look, which was the designers goal; to make the models look strong and fierce without losing their touch of femininity, or rather what society usually associated to femininity. 

 The makeup was quite playful and the collection had a sci-fi vibe to it, but went well with the contrast between the softer pieces layered on top of edgy and dark ones.

 The footwear definitely looked comfortable and fun, even with high-fashion wellies thrown in there for good measure.

  7- Roberto Cavalli:

Roberto Cavalli A:W 2018

As much as I love covered looks personally, sexy glamour with exposed legs or other body parts can have its own charm when done right, and nobody does it quite like Cavalli. 

 With the statement pieces such as huge coats with fur and a leopard print, or the sexy dresses with cut-outs and shimmery details, you’ll definitely be noticed in one of next season’s beautiful creations, that’s for sure! 

 8- Versace:

Versace A:W 2018

Devoting this collection to British fashion heritage, with trench coats, kilts, football scarves and tartans, Donatella made it all Versace-esque with absolutely genius touches and fabulous styling.  

 I absolutely adore how glamorous and over-the-top the Versace woman is, with those chunky bold golden accessories and an attitude to match. 

 9- Dolce & Gabbana:

Dolce & Gabbana A:W 2018

 The show started with handbags brought out with drones, setting the tone for what greatness was to walk down the runway in a few seconds, and we were not disappointed. 

 Definitely not ones to shy away from controversy, the designers’ inspiration for this show was religion. Priestly shirts, angel-winged jumpers and crosses filled the runway. 

 I’m always excited for the Dolce & Gabbana show during #MFW, and I find myself falling in love with every single piece without fail. The attention to detail, effort and creativity that go into creating every single piece is breathtaking and very inspiring.

10- Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2018:

Tommy Hilfiger S:S 2018

The final collection of the wildly successful collaboration of Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid was another hit. The designers stuck to the theme of motor racing by featuring vibrant reds, drivers jackets, chequerboard designs in the collection, as well as the designing an amazing set with real life Formula 1 cars lining the runway in the form of a race track and having real life drivers in the front row (looking at you Louis Hamilton).

 I loved how laid-back and modern the pieces were, making you feel s a Gigi whenever you’re wearing them no doubt. 

 The low-rise leather trousers were on trend, as well as oversized windbreakers and bomber jackets worn over tight leggings or cool swimsuits. Those visors were also growing on me. 

 What a terrific way to end not only the successful collaboration but this Milan Fashion Week A/W 2018 s well.



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