LFW A/W 2018

 Although I saw several beautiful pieces in different shows, I had higher expectations for London Fashion Week. These are a few of the shows that stood out to me. Hopefully MFW and, most exciting of all, PFW will make up for my slight disappointment in London. 

1- Burberry (S/S 2018):

Burberry S:S 2018

One of, if not the most, highly anticipated shows each season. The collection was virtually stunning, as well as the location, with the lights and beautiful music, everything fit together perfectly. 

 It was a sweet and sad show knowing it was Christopher Bailey’s last for the legendary fashion house. Instead of presenting a show with the best-of pieces, he created new, modern and unique ones making him prove even more why he’s been such a successful and visionary designer.

 The statement coats took my breath away and made me want every single one. Like most fashion houses these days, trainers were paired with pretty much everything, making the models doubtlessly grateful and giving the collection that relaxing glamour touch. 

2- House of Holland:

House of Holland A:W 2018

Extravagant shows with over-the-top looks have their charm, but so do shows with wearable pieces such as this one. 

 I would see myself wearing pretty much every single piece I’ve seen one way or the other, although the collection seemed very outdoorsy, which I’m not. However, those cool and warm puffer jackets could certainly change my mind very easily. 

 One of my favourite pieces would definitely be those boots, as well as the denim jacket with a pop of bright red in the form of a sleeve that opened the show.

3- Temperley:

Temperly London A:W 2018

Judging by the cuts, colour, hair and those patches everywhere, this collection was clearly inspired by forties showgirls and WW2 pilots. 

 I love the dark army green and gold combination, as well as the patches and pinstriped blazers, pairing the outfits with boxer boots made the looks more modern and relevant. Alice Temperley’s collections always include those dreamy sequined and glittery pieces, and this show was no exception. 

 I’ve had so much inspiration for outfits from this show, which is definitely always a welcome thing. 

4- Roland Mouret:

Roland Mouret A:W 2018

The patterns and fabrics used were very interesting and different, corduroy, silk and patent leather all made an appearance amongst other fabrics as well, which all made the collection quite chic, timeless and elegant. 

 The suits were definitely my favourite, as I’d like to say about every show, but the beautiful coats were a highlight as well. 

 The grey suit styled with bright yellow brogues would be my most-liked one if I were to pick. 

5- Peter Pilotto:

Peter Pilotto A:W 2018

The collection was inspired by tapestry and the world of interiors, which is an ongoing fascination for the designer duo. 

 Silky fabrics and luxuriously looking outfits were featured, with so much rich colours and comfortable yet chic pieces one couldn’t help but feel uplifted. 

 I loved the loosely fitted suits in different colours with tassled belts, as well as any look combined with long gloves really. 

6- Erdem:

Erdem A:W 2018

 I love me some fairytale collection! From the rich and shiny fabrics to the gorgeous hair and makeup all inspired by the thirties, everything looked absolutely beautiful and on point. 

 The designer’s muse, Adele Astaire, gave him the right inspiration judging by this stunning collection that left me wanting more. 

 Polka dots, dark reds, metallic and black pieces looked utterly chic, sexy and sophisticated in the National Portrait Gallery, a show venue fit for this gorgeous collection for sure. 

 I loved the modern pointy collars on white button-downs, as well a she face nets a few of the models wore in black or white. 

7- Emilia Wickstead:

Emilia Wickstead A:W 2018

The simple yet well-made pieces gave this show a laid-back feeling. The mustard-coloured jumpsuit was very chic, but the main stars of the show will have to be the coats that looked like they would last you a lifetime.

 I like those bibs that added a special touch to some outfits, as well as the demure yet elegant dresses in gorgeous colours.


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