PFW A/W 2018

Probably my favourite fashion week if I were to pick one, as it never disappoints. Here are the shows that stood out to me and made me fall deeper in love with creativity and fashion in general:

1- Dior:

Dior A:W 2018

Opening the show with a very covered Ruth Bell instantly set the tone for what’s to come. (apart from the creative venue, obviously).

Maria Grazia Chiuri made her stamp on Dior already, so I knew she would address the women empowerment movement going on nowadays one way or the other.

The collection consisted of comfortable and loose silhouettes, with bohemian touches popping up here and there, as well as slogan shirts and patchwork, making the sixties’ inspiration quite clear.

The colours were beautiful, as well as the fact that modest dressers could very easily pick out a look to rock without having to alter much or anything at all, especially with those looks featuring headscarves underneath newsboy hats.

2- La Coste:

Lacoste A:W 2018

Despite being already known for comfortable clothes, this collection featured even more comfortable pieces believe it or not, which made it a bit dull for me. However, I did enjoy the mix of colours and fabrics.

My favourite pieces would definitely be the sweater dresses in different shades. As for the men, those trainers were gorg!

3- Lanvin:

Lanvin A:W 2018

I didn’t find the show to be extraordinary, but some of the pieces were actually pretty wearable and beautiful.

The handbags with little phone pockets on the strap were actually genius. They reminded me of the nineties where a lot of bags had them. The heels were also interesting creations that I’d probably see myself wearing.

I wasn’t too sure about those scuba diving headpieces, nor the unusual stiff materials some pieces were made out of. However, the black and coral blue trousers were very chic, as were a few other timeless pieces such as the midi-skirts and rollnecks.

4- Chloé:

Chloé A:W 2018

Blouses with deep V necks dominated the runway, and pairing them with long gold necklaces has always been a favourite of mine, adding flared jeans/trousers was brilliant  as well (especially for a short woman like myself).

The open blouses and pointy collars reminded me of the seventies, but every single piece felt fresh and modern. The Chloé socks will definitely be a hit, as well as those attention-grabbing bags and shoes.

The Chloé woman always feels very free and in touch with herself, all whilst being fierce and confident. This collection felt entirely like that.

5- Paco Rabanne:

Paco Rabanne A:W 2018

Combining dramatic evening wear with simple pieces for daywear is one of my absolute favourite things to do, and I’m glad the designer went down that route with this collection.

Overly sparkly and eye-catching numbers were paired with simple beige jumpers, white button-downs or even a hoodie making the overall look very wearable yet chic and glamorous.

A few of my favourite pieces will have to be the beaded jumper or all those coats, or even that beautiful silk dress with little daisy motifs on it.

6- Balmain:

Balmain A:W 2018

Despite my love for the previous collections, it was quite invigorating to see new pieces in new materials and creations other than braiding and tweeds. 

 PVC, Lamé, holographic paillettes and several other eye-catching materials gave Olivier Rousteing’s collection a futuristic and modern look. I love how the designer stayed true to his signature shoulder, chain detailing and other touches the label became recently known for.

 Almost every piece so dreamy and a favourite, especially due to my love for metallics and everything shiny, but the look with the simple jumper featuring the Balmain logo paired with that gorgeous maxi skirt would have to be in my top five, along with the stunning black leather thigh high boots that ooze fierceness and sophistication.

7- Saint Laurent:

Saint Laurent A:W 2018

After last season’s stunning show that stole my heart, I was ready to be blown away again by Anthony Vaccarello again. 

 Making it very clear that legs are the stars of any show, by highlighting them with barely-there short shorts and killer heels. Big shoulders were also featured, like any other designer this season, but his way of featuring them didn’t feel forced, especially with the colour palette he went for. An “all black everything” look added even more fierceness and glamour. 

 A Moroccan touch was present in the collection as well, just like the previous show, with a few details on velvet jackets for both men and women, and that definitely gave them a unique touch. 

 Every single look was absolutely stunning, and having the designer do a 180 by featuring skin-tight pieces and high heels unlike other A/W shows that focused more on flats and baggy silhouettes was typical Saint Laurent, whith its uniqueness, glamour and all. 

8- Givency:

Givenchy A:W 2018

Inspired by the clubs in Berlin in the eighties and all the fashion and moody scenery they carried, Weight Keller featured some absolutely gorgeous pieces in this collection.

 The faux fur made its debut at Givenchy, which is beyond amazing and an example the rest of the brands should follow for sure, as you could clearly see how well it was made and brilliantly complimented the rest of the pieces, especially the sharp tailoring.

 The colour palette was very autumnal and quite classic. The pieces were timeless and absolute fashion staples. From the gigantic bows, stunning fringes on evening dresses, to the structured ruffles and amazing coats, this show was such a delight it left me inspired endlessly. 

9- Valentino:

Valentino A:W 2018

Pierpaolo Piccioli has presented an utterly beautiful collection. According to the designer, it’s a strength today to be assertive but not aggressive, and I can definitely see his point. 

 With collections packed with eighties inspired pieces and enormous shoulders to give women a more visibly “daring” look, the lack of all that made this show refreshing. The flow of each fabric, its movement and colour were a delight, as were those scalloped edges, flower patterns and unique cuts. That remarkable red sleeveless jumpsuit took my breath away!

10= Alexander McQueen:

Alexander McQueen A:W 2018

One would think I posted three photos instead of four as I couldn’t select more favourite looks of this show, but it’s the damn opposite; I just couldn’t post that last look with the butterfly wings and not do it justice by not showing at least one wing clearly. 

 I practically drooled over last season’s collection, and it’s safe to say this season was no exception. Who knew insects could be this inspirational and a big part of such a successful collection?! I guess you cannot be the creative director of such a powerful fashion house for nothing.

 The genius Sarah Burton took us through an utterly beautiful and mesmerizing world through the pieces she showed. Inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly (from egg to caterpillar to pupa and wings) to express the woman’s femininity and how she perceives it, several patterns of a butterfly’s wings and motifs were added to each item making it a masterpiece.

 You could clearly see the transition of the looks as the models walked down the runway. From impeccably structured suits, to looks that seemed as if they were falling apart, as if the butterfly were breaking free of the cocoon, to the mesmerizing and enormous bows of fabric in the form of wings on suits displaying the designer’s idea brilliantly. 

 The attention to detail and stunning colours showed up more clearly on the mesh dresses with small beetle bugs sown onto them making them proof of true fine craftsmanship. 

11- Chanel:

Chanel A:W 2018

 What better way to end this fashion week other than with Chanel? 

 As is the case for the legendary fashion house, the Grand Palais was transformed into a beautiful autumnal forest with orange and yellow leaves decorating the entire place, as well as rows of actual trees and models that just happened to be taking a walk in ridiculously fashionable looks. 

 The fresh faces with the hair pulled up in a messy bun added to the models’ youthful looks and made them more chic, which went well with the clothes for sure. The carefully selected colours made this collection more cosy than previous ones. The golden thigh highs were gorgeous, as well as the rest of the demure looks. Those long incredible coats and fingerless gloves were to die for, as well as the famous tweed pieces of course. Puffer jackets were added to the collection making it a bit more modern and shopable for gals keeping up with trends, or women with some extra thousands in their bank account, to each her own.





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