PFW S/S 2018

Finally, fashion week is coming to an end, and what better way to end this year’s fashion than in the city of lights with spectacular designers and their stunning creations?

Here are a few of my favourite shows and what I liked about them.

  • Christian Dior:

Christian Dior s:s 2018

I never thought I’d see a Dior collection so wearable and casual, apart from those sparkly numbers shown towards the end of course.

Maria Grazia Chiuri has become one of my favourite designers after seeing a Dior documentary. Niki De Saint Phalle’s art decorated the garments as she was the inspiration behind this collection. The dresses with underwear clearly visible and those now iconic Christian Dior straps were back again this season giving the looks that feminine yet fashion forward touch.

The ability to create pieces that would appeal to us millenials is not an easy task. I’d gladly buy those adorable block-healed Mary Janes.

  • Saint Laurent:

Saint Laurent s:s 2018

This show was absolutely spectacular and embodied my love for fashion. The over-the-top looks showing legs for days were breath-taking.

Anthony Vacarello chose the perfect location, with the Eiffel tower glistening in the background and an open-air runway.

The collection started off with outfits featuring Moroccan touches, from the fabrics to the typical Moroccan statement jewellery, referencing Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s love for Marrakech. After that, Saint Laurent’s typical sophisticated yet provocative and sexy looks took over, with poofy pieces, sparkly mini dresses and ostrich feathers.

The killer sandals and amazing boots made me drool. I was so in awe that I didn’t want the show to end.

  • La Coste:

Lacoste s:s 2018

La Coste is one of the few brands whose menswear I would gladly wear. The materials are ever-so comfortable, the silhouettes and colours are timeless, and their pieces are never going out of style.

I loved the innovative way they made their classic polo shirts into long shirt dresses this season, showing the models’ shoulders through different cuts. The denim jeans in various shapes were also a favourite.

  • Lanvin:

Lanvin s:s 2918

Albert Elbaz has been my favourite Lanvin designer, so it was a bit odd to see other creations coming down the runway that weren’t his.

However, I did like the minimalistic vibe of this collection, most pieces were very elegant and wearable. I would’ve loved to see some risk taken, but with the very little time Olivier Lapidus had to prepare this entire collection, I think he did great.

The  handbags and cute gladiator-inspired sandals were beautiful.

  • Kenzo:

Kenzo s:s 2018

Very few brands can make pieces that are bound to be sold out, and Kenzo is one of them. Despite the funky colourful styling of the pieces on the runway, each one is very wearable individually when styled with simple pieces for day wear.

I love the risk the designers take all whilst having fun and presenting memorable collections during fashion shows, which makes them unpredictable, and that’s something you would definitely want as a designer.

  • Chloé:

Chloé s:s 2018

Every blogger and her mother own at least one Chloé item, especially those tiny handbags we’ve been seeing all over Coachella. Therefore, the anticipation was real, especially as this was Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s first spring collection, and I have to say, she killed it.

The designer drew inspiration from all the previous collections created by different designers for the fashion house.

I loved the cowgirl-bohemian-chic vibe the show had. From those gorgeous accessories, to the artistic patterns on comfortable yet sophisticated and practical materials the garments were made of.

  • Paco Rabanne:

Paco Rabanne s:s 2018

Fun and uplifting collections were seen in various shows this season, and Paco Rabanne was not going to be excluded.

Featuring pieces to be worn on a night out in the club, not as extreme as Julian Macdonald’s shows, but quite exceptional nevertheless.

Athleisure-like pieces also made an appearance, as did comfortable flat over-the-knee boots and ballerina’s. I loved the pieces with “She” written across the chest, as well as the jumpsuit (obviously).

  • Balmain:

Balmain s:s 2018

I’m always very excited to see Olivier Rousteing’s work. His structured pieces still manage to look chic, playful, fierce and sexy at the same time, and this entire collection was definitely that and more.

The jumpers are probably sold out as I’m typing, but the rest of the pieces are also bound to be seen by socialites and super models around the world. The bad ass thigh-high boots and sophisticated sandals took my breath away. Also, the sheer plastic heels are apparently here to stay.

  • Elie Saab:

Elie Saab s:s 2018

Elie never fails to deliver, whether it’s a ready-to-wear show or a haute couture one, his effortless sophistication and glamour is utterly mesmerizing.

The Amazonian vibe of this collection was visible in the vibrant and rich colours as well as the leaf pattern used.

I absolutely adore the inspiration I get from shows like this, those deep V-neck dresses and thigh-high slits were very sexy yet chic, that I would definitely incorporate into dresses I’d design for myself.

  • Givenchy:

Givenchy s:s 2018

Dark colours dominated the runway, which made the pop of red and other colours stand out. Shoulders were big, referencing the fashion house’s earlier collections from back in the day.

 I totally fell for the absolutely stunning tiny fanny packs with chains, that added the perfect modern touch to the timeless pieces. Those bad ass boots proved to be not only perfect for festivals, but also paired with little dresses for day wear. 

  • Balenciaga:

Balenciaga s:s 2018

After the sock boot with the exaggerated pointy toe, I was intrigued to see what the designer comes up with this time around, and he didn’t disappoint. 

 The pointy sock boots made a comeback with a glittery pair that almost convinced me to actually like them, but what made everyone gasp were definitely the platform crocs. Although Christopher Kane has been featuring crocs for a couple of seasons now, it’s interesting to see them as platforms. 

 I always enjoy unusual and creative shows regardless of whether or not they’re on trend. However, Balenciaga has been setting a few trends for a couple of seasons now, so not all the featured pieces were odd or unwearable. 

 I loved the jumper on top of a silk negligee combination, the trousers with those beautiful landscapes on them, as well as those edgy spiky heels. My favourite pieces however have to be the ones with the cool newspaper print on them for sure. 

  • Valentino: 

Valentino s:s 2018

This year’s collection was absolutely amazing, I mean, pretty much all Valentino collections are to be honest. 

 Pierpaolo Piccioli managed to add athleisure into the mix, all whilst keeping that ethereal and romantic touch Valentino is known for and does so impeccably. 

 Long mesmerizing dresses had a shorter version, and plastic as well as sparkles made for chic and sophisticated athleisure. 

 The velvet pointy heels with a little cute bow made me drool, and the long gorgeous dresses featured towards the end took my breath away. Also, the twist added to the fanny packs using extra straps was genius.

  • Alexander McQueen: 

Alexander McQueen s:s 2018

Alexander McQueen shows never fail to wow me. The gorgeous pieces inspired by flowers and nature in general were stunning. Deconstructed pieces are sometimes hard to pull off, but they were perfectly executed and styled. 

 The over-the-top accessories with those shiny pearls and stones were hypnotizing, but the cool edgy boots with a low clear heel stuffed with flowers are what left me speechless. I couldn’t look away and wanted to own a pair in every colour so badly. The styling of the delicate dresses with those boots was a clever move. 

 The craftsmanship of it all was extremely satisfying and extraordinary to say the least. Definitely one of my favourite shows during this fashion week. 

  • Chanel: 

Chanel s:s 2018

I already had so many questions about plastic boots/shoes, and the thigh-highs in this show left me with even more.

 Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to bring waterfalls and huge cliffs into the Grand Palais. The spectacular show, as per usual, was as extra as ever. With models wearing plastic fingerless gloves, to capes and bucket hats paired Chanel’s signature tweed and other top-notch materials. 

 The bags were eye-catching with metallic hues giving off a rainbow-like sheen, and the lady-like attire that would never go out of style.

  • Louis Vuitton: 

Louis Vuitton s:s 2018

Combining the past with the future, the show was very creatively put and beautifully done. From the stunning location, to the artful and gorgeous pieces, it was the perfect way to end this year’s Paris Fashion Week. 

 I loved how Nicolas Guesquière paired pieces inspired by previous centuries, that would look like costumes nowadays, with silky biker shorts and trainers, giving them a modern touch and making the look actually wearable and following the rest of the designers by making his looks more athleisure. 

 I wasn’t the biggest fan of the new LV trainers, although I might change my mind just like I did with Yeezys, so I would go for the heels instead. 

 The bags were an absolute delight to look at, and those patent leather trousers, especially the black ones with denim on the inside, were right up my alley!




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