#MoroccanMonday look 83

 It’s been a while, but fashion week is over and I’m back with my #MoroccanMonday looks! Despite my initial intention to feature something really banging, I changed my mind and went for a simple yet put-together look instead. 

 Layering a button-down underneath my jumper has been a got-to look for a few years now when I’m in a hurry and the weather doesn’t require a jacket or coat. In this case, I was way too hot as an unexpected heatwave hit us in the middle of autumn (talk about global warming). 

 The stripes and long hem of the button-down go well with a simple jumper. The navy culottes add the right amount of class and the bow in the front made it to adorable of a pair of trousers to pass up. Pink or red go well with navy in my opinion, and so the comfortable dusty pink flats as well as the little handbag were an obvious choice. 







Hijab – Primark

Sunnies – Zara

Button-down – Kiabi

Jumper – H&M

Culottes – Kiabi

Handbag – Aldo 

flats – H&M



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