MFW S/S 2018

Continuing my fashion week review with this Milan Fashion Week post. Something worth noting is how Europe is surprisingly not as open-minded as the U.S when it comes to representing all body-types on the runway. I haven’t seen a plus-size model in any show so far. Let’s hope Paris (although I’m not holding my breath) actually makes an exception. 

  • Gucci: 

Gucci s:s 2018

The designer of the moment, with everyone owning or lusting after at least one of his designs, and this show proved Gucci’s well-deserved popularity. 

 The heavy ’80s references were clear. I mean, who can miss that poofy hair and enormous shoulder pads? Trying to mix the past, present and future through unique creations was a success in my eyes. I particularly loved the tailored suits (that pink suit was stunning), as well as the accessories, but those are everyone’s favourite I reckon. 

The chic bags and cool fanny packs are absolute must-haves if you ask me!

  • Max Mara: 

Max Mara s:s 2018

Despite the lack of diversity when it comes to body shapes during the European leg of this fashion week season, Max Mara actually broke the mold by featuring the stunning Muslim hijabi model Halima Aden during the show, all whilst keeping her wardrobe requirements in mind. It’s a step forward worth noting for sure!

 The camel coat, and camel in general, is such an iconic Max Mara piece and I loved how they stayed true to what then do best by featuring it. The collection included several classic pieces worth investing in. The jumpsuits, especially the striped one (obviously), caught my eye. Everything looked so classy, and the few fanny packs shown gave the show a cool touch.

  • Fendi: 

Fendi s:s 2018

 Pieces with bare shoulders dominated the runway, along with striped and check. The entire collection was feminine and lady-like which is very Fendi-esque, although the hair added an edge to the looks as well as a modern touch. 

 I loved the shoes paired with sheer tights to match. Delicate see-through fabrics were also very big. 

 Minimalistic looks are definitely over with, with those clashing patterns worn together or over each other, this was definitely a more-is-more type of show, and I’m not complaining.

  • Prada:

Prada s:s 2018

The very preppy yet DYI looks were modern and up my alley. 

The designer wanted to bring out a collection suitable for our times, where misogyny is seen even more especially in the political world, and women empowerment is also going viral. 

 The cuts had somewhat of a military feel to them whilst the patterns made them more wearable and feminine. Female artists’ work was also featured on the pieces which made them stand out even more. 

 I loved the cate-eye sunnies, pointy brogues and gorgeous over-coats. The spider print? I don’t think anyone can get rid of the fear and disgust I have for them, not even Prada. 

  • Moschino: 

Moschino s:s 2018

 I live for Jeremy’s creativity and the absolute genius way he designs his masterpieces. 

 The show started with rocker-ballerina models strutting down the runway with leather, fishnets and colourful tutus, which made for an interesting start. After that, Jeremy’s creativity took full control with stunning dresses in the shape of flowers, or in Gigi Hadid’s case, an entire bouquet which was my favourite along with Joan Small’s upside down bouquet of red roses. The purple fluffy number with butterflies was also eye-catching. 

  • Giorgio Armani:

Giorgio Armani s:s 2018

Each Giorgio Armani collection is more experimental than the one prior to it, but he always manages to feature tailored pieces which is the designer’s strongest suit, pun intended. 

 I liked the innovative way some items were made with laser cuts and colourful patterns mixed with black. The square-shaped floral handbags were absolutely stunning! I also loved the slick plastic pointy shoes shown in different colours. 

 The lilac dress brought out towards the end was beautiful, as were the gorgeous silk mini’s and trousers paired with structured blazers. 

  • Roberto Cavalli: 

Roberto Cavalli s:s 2018

Gold and animal prints are usually to be expected from a Cavalli shows, so it was quite surprising to see Peter Dundas’ minimalistic approach. 

 The cultural appropriation was very clear in the footwear chosen, which is basically a rip off of the traditional Moroccan slippers often times referred to as Babouch or belgha. 

 All that aside, the collection did include several beautiful pieces in comfortable fabrics such as the stretchy dresses. 

  • Versace: 

Versace s:s 2018

For the first time, Donatella dove into the archives and brought out the old iconic Versace designs in celebration of the brother Gianni Versace’s life, who was murdered 20 years ago that day. 

 The absolutely stunning designs and prints were gorgeous back then and still relevant, modern and on trend today which proves how genius and ahead of his time Gianni was. 

 From the fanny packs, big shoulders and thigh-highs, all the way to the stunning pastel colours, monochromatic looks and the black and gold combination, the entire collection was on point. 

 The finale was historical as Donatella brought out the original supermodels in beautiful gold shimmer dresses with her when taking her bow. 

  • Salvatore Ferragamo: 

Salvatore Ferragamo s:s 2018

The collection had some beautiful touches, such as the breezy materials used, the wide python belts with little clutches to match, or the shoes. 

 From such a legendary fashion house, one would expect way more. However, if anyone would invest in some pieces, I would recommend the accessories or one of the dresses, especially the shimmery one with spaghetti straps shown towards the end. 

  • Dolce & Gabbana: 

Dolce & Gabbana s:s 2018

I can’t remember a D&G show I didn’t like. With their ever-so-glamorous vision and rich Italian heritage, they nail their shows every time, leaving us lusting over every single piece. 

 The theme for this year’s collection was Queen of Hearts. The black sheer dresses with corset-like details that the designers are known for made an appearance. However, the collection did have a variety of innovative and absolutely stunning pieces. From vegetable-adorned dresses, to Queen of Heart patterns on trousers and leggings. 

 I absolutely loved the head pieces and quirky accessories, with little oranges, cars, carrots and cards dangling from the models’ ears, as well as the funky sunnies that reminded everyone just how fun fashion can actually be. 

As I’m a sucker for suits, the striped ones, especially the one in red and black, were a dream. Every single look, from head to toe including that timeless makeup the designers go for, was on point and totally appropriate to close off yet another memorable Milan Fashion Week. 




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