#MoroccanMonday look 77

Most of the time, fashion is used to express one’s inner emotions at that moment, and that’s what I featured in this week’s look. After watching the badass Wonder Woman film – finally- as well as read several empowering articles, I found myself drawn to a more demure yet strong look. The corset on top of the button-down is not new, but the way I put them together is. To me, it made me think of an attire one wears during martial arts, or a chef, whatever empowers you. 

 I absolutely love how badass this look made me feel despite it being very demure for me. The crisp white button-down was extremely over-sized allowing me to wrap it all the way around and still move comfortably. One could add a belt, but this corset made it a tad more feminine in my opinion. 

 I paired the top look with a pair of printed palazzo trousers sticking to the whole modest look. Denim would’ve also been an option had the weather not been so hot. 

 Finally, I couldn’t help myself and leave this whole outfit black and white, so I added these orange Morocco-inspired earrings I made myself; the best thing about having a neutral base is a pop of any colour would be prefect. 



Version 2






  Turban – Mango scarf

Sunnies – Gucci

Button-down – Stradivarius

Corset – Stradivarius

Trousers – Stradivarius 



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