#MoroccanMonday look 76

Whenever I find a pair of trousers in a lightweight fabric, whether they’re palazzo trousers, culottes or in the form of a jumpsuit, I tend to buy them mainly for those overwhelmingly hot days or during weekends when you couldn’t be bothered to style an entire outfit. Having them wide/loose enough that you don’t have to layer in order to cover your bum all whilst looking cute is a huge bonus. Also, this type of trousers save me from getting maxi skirts or dresses that I asbolutely dread due to the horrible feeling of having my thighs rub together (no, wearing tights/leggings underneath them is not a welcome idea).

 I instantly fell in love with these khaki trousers because of the fold-over waist with tie-front closure that elongates the legs and adds versatility. The fact that they have pockets is a gift from God. I actually found this exact pair of trousers in a light blue denim-esque colour as well that I was very tempted to get due to my denim obsession (obvs), but I eventually didn’t as they showed the outlines of my knickers too much (my current ones do too but not as much) and because denim during heatwaves is just not such a brilliant idea (talking from experience). The downside however of the khakis is that the fabric is so lightweight you can’t really fold the hems, and we all know by now how crucial that actually is for me. 

 Pairing these khaki trousers with beige and white was a no-brainer. Locking everything together with this beautiful floral scarf was a must, especially because it combined all the beautiful neutral colours all whilst adding a hint of pink for that feminine look. 

 Golden accents compliment this attire really well, and I would definitely add my golden strappy heels for a chic look, or even wear my white trainers for a sporty causal one.









Scarf – Stradivarius 

Sunnies – Gucci

Vest – Camaïeu 

White T-shirt – Hema

Trousers – Stradivarius

Sandals – Kiabi


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