#MoroccanMonday Recap 2016

Whenever a new year approaches, a lot of us tend to reflect on the year gone by with its highs and lows. Some of us may become miserable when focusing on the lows, others tend to view them as life lessons and reflect on the highs hoping for an amazing year better than the one gone by. I try and be the latter, simply because life is too short to focus on the miseries (for too long that is).

 Eversince I read a quote somewhere that said “Do something today that your future self will be thankful for” it somehow resonated with me, and after so much thought and slight difficulties, I decided to start my blog a year ago, and I’m utterly grateful for doing so. It gave me purpose again and excitement that I seemed to have lost throughout the years. I love coming up with new ideas and instantly thinking about the blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or whatever platform I would love to share it on. It also gave me a lot of inspiration and thought me how to think outside of the box.

 I’ve grown a lot in year and I think all of us have. Hopefully we will continue to grow and learn to love ourselves as well as the people around us. 

Here’s a recap of the #MoroccanMonday looks I’ve posted this year. May everybody’s 2017 become even better and brighter ♥

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