Caramel & Pretzels ice-cream DIY

As I’m a huge fan of mixing sweet with salty in general, and not being able to find salted caramel flavoured ice-cream easily in my country, I had to take matters into my own hands. I’ve recently seen a video where they added pretzels into a cake batter and thought it would also be doable with ice-cream. Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose. 

 Should you be curious as to how complicated this may be (spoiler: NOT), and wanted to try this for yourself, then keep reading. 

Key ingredients:

Ice-cream (preferably caramel flavoured)

Pretzels (you’ll only need half a packet)


* Steps to follow: 

1 – Place the pretzels in a clean tea towel, close it, then crush the pretzels using a rolling pin until they’re small pieces (not too small though). You may also use your (clean) hands to break them.


2 – Sprinkle as much as you want of the crushed pretzels gradually onto the warm ice-cream (otherwise you won’t be able to mix it), and mix that using a spoon. 


3 – Don’t forget to rectify the flavour on the lid 😉 and put the ice-cream in the freezer.


4 – After a couple of hours, your caramel pretzels ice-cream is ready to be devoured. 




Et voilà, Enjoy! (I know I did). 

For the video of this DYI, click here. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, it’s free! 😀 

I hope you liked this super easy DIY for lazy people such as myself (no judgment). Feel free tag me on social media should you try this as well (@aminafied everywhere). 

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