Visiting the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Eversince I was in 6th grade, I’d always tell my English teacher that I’d be an artist when I grow up. It wasn’t just a random answer I would give her, I actually saw myself as someone who would feel comfortable and free following that path even though I had never been to a museum before. Until this day, my feelings haven’t changed.

 Although I love exploring new places every now and again, I’d never really gotten the chance to visit the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat. However, I decided to stop procrastinating and actually go check it out before the end of 2016, and I wasn’t disappointed. Also, they were honouring female artists, which was very empowering and motivating to see the work of Moroccan artists being recognised, you don’t see that every day.

 Nobody told us not to take photos or touch anything, so we went for it and actually shot my #MoroccanMonday post over there as well.


Believe it or not, this is not the entrance. We had to follow arrows that took us to the left side of the building with an entrance not as fancy as this one.


Although the ticket says 10 dh, my brother paid 30 because (he is a student). 


I don’t really know why my tickets (right) looked different although we paid to see the same exhibitions. I paid 40 dh as I’m not a student.


The architecture is pretty impressive.. not gonna lie. 






This was one of my absolute faves!


These were very old Moroccan tea cups that my grandparents still have.


Who wore it better though? 




These colourful pieces were so beautiful with their unusual textures and gorgeous frames.



 Before leaving, we went down stairs to the basement to check out the new exhibit by this artist named Faouzi Laatiris, which started nicely but became creepier and creepier as we went along.


This, ladies and gents, is what uneducated millenials do in a museum #AllForTheGram




These are also old Moroccan mirrors with plastic frames. And yes, my grandparents also still have them. 



This wall was so cool. It had really old toys stuck to it on one end that reminded the artist of his childhood I reckon, and a curtain of old beads one had to get through. 


And of course, we cuouldn’t end this (or go past a mirror) without taking selfies (despite this being one of the creepies areas). 

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