#MoroccanMonday look 42

When I bought this long t-shirt, this was not the look I pictured. However, I actually love it! The distressed jeans (Yay! Finally found one that I loved), long shirt and heels make it a laid-back yet chic look. One can wear this during the day as well as at night and you can easily get away with a bold lip or bold accessories to add a twist to the look. 

 I absolutely love companies that make distressed denim pieces that still keep one’s body parts covered such as this pair of jeans, so kudos to Stradi for having this pair among the rest of their ripped jeans; the only thing that I would love is some elasticity which they unfortunately don’t have, but I’m not complaining. 

 This long t-shirt was initially bought for layering or wearing with comfy leggings. However, I’m discovering how extremely versatile it can actually be! The pockets keep the shirt from looking too baggy as it’s very easy to disappear into your clothes when you’re as petite as me. Therefore, using the pockets to show a bit of waist was quite useful. 

  As you have noticed I’m still quite into chokers and dark lips. I love how one can dress basic pieces up with accessories and bold makeup! Until I find something else to obsess over, I’m just gonna keep on collecting chokers I reckon. 









Turban – Pashmina

Sunglasses – Gucci

Lips – L’Oréal Contour Parfait in 634 Plum

Choker – random velvet string

Black T-shirt – Primark

Long T-shirt – Shana

Jeans – Stradivarius

Heels – Etam

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