#MoroccanMonday look 43

“Never say never in fashion, because you’ll be wearing ‘never’ in two years time”

– Alexa Chung.

 Not in a million years would I have imagined myself wearing a turban with a dress and a pair of jeans underneath. Therefore, the above quote is more than appropriate for my attire, and outlook on fashion/style in general.

 Everyone should dress the way they like and feel comfortable in, but experimenting with different trends and looks is what makes it fun. When I finally saw people layering simple shirts underneath silky slip dresses I immediately wanted to try that look in my own way. 

 However, as I couldn’t find any silky slip dresses around, I decided to use this beautiful one I found a couple of weeks ago whilst I was browsing the shops for something completely different (Isn’t that how every shopping experience goes?). 

 I absolutely love the lace detailing this floral dress has and how versatile it is. It can be worn during winter as well as on itself during summer. The sheer fabric definitely gives it a feminine and sexy vibe as well as the thigh-high slits on both sides. It also has a black underslip that I tucked into my jeans to make my waist a tiny bit visible. The thick black velvet choker was a piece I knew I needed to finish off this whole look. 

 This outfit would also look amazing with a pair of pointy black flats, but regular ones would still look good as I’ve noticed. Heels weren’t my first choice as I was going for a more daytime laid-back look, but apart from the leather jacket for some warmth, one could definitely wear minimal heels with this outfit at night to elevate it and let the dress do all the talking.






Turban – Pashmina 

Sunnies – Gucci 

Choker – Stradivarius 

White T-shirt – Stradivarius

Dress – Stradivarius

Leather jacket – Pimkie

Jeans – Stradivarius

Flats – Primark

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