The Wardrobe Swap Challenge

This may not sound shocking to some people but I’m obsessed with clothes. It’s the last thing I think of when I go to sleep and I can’t help myself but daydream about different outfits or amazing pieces I’ve seen and want to wear. However, I do find myself in fashion ruts every once in a while and what other way to find a solution to a problem other than “Googleing” it?!

After reading Cosmopolitan’s article, I decided to challenge myself and actually swap my entire wardrobe with my sister’s (minus basic pieces such as underwear of course because: EW, shoes (I have tiny feet compared to my sister’s) and my scarves) for a week, who has a completely different fashion sense than I have, and I’ve lived to tell you how it all went down.

Disclaimer: the photos are blurry and are of low quality because I somehow managed to start the challenge during the only week in October where it’s still dark outside at 7 a.m.

Day 1:


I honestly didn’t think swapping my wardrobe with someone else would be this hard and would also have such a huge impact on me, but boy was I wrong! I was absolutely miserable and self-conscious the entire day to the point where I kept imagining my own wardrobe and praying for the day I will get to wear my own clothes again. I make it sound dramatic but it really was a terrible day, the only thing on my mind was my horrible outfit that day.

Day 2:


The feeling of weakness and self-consciousness were still there, but I actually managed to take off the huge jacket and wander around the office, and that’s a plus. I think it’s because I wore a blouse I felt more like me, and it made me realize how many button-downs and blouses I actually had.

The dark grey pair of trousers were one of those very old hand-me-downs that my sister actually kept despite the fact that they were really big and she never wore them. It’s safe to say that the only comfortable things so far are the headscarves and trainers; and they’re both mine!

Day 3


As you can tell, I played it safe and wore the grey trousers again. I honestly had no idea what to wear because it wasn’t my wardrobe so I had no “safe options” that I could quickly throw on, so I opted for this denim blouse and my colourful scarf. The fact that the buttons on my chest area were about to pop out any moment despite the fact that this blouse was my size (S) was not promising. Therefore, the jacket had to be worn the entire day, and it was around 30°c!

Day 4:


Instead of playing it safe today as well, and because the challenge was about to end, I decided to really dig deep into my sister’s closet to find an outft I wouldn’t normally wear. I was happy to find a dress that I’ve never seen before (yes, she bought it but never actually wore it). I was forced to wear leggings underneath because my sister doesn’t have black jeggins/jeans as she almost always prefers skirts or leggings. Instead of wearing black ones, I chose these denim-like ones to add more colour and keep things interesting. 

 To my surprise, this was one of my favourite outfits and it definitely gave me a tiny boost of confidence unlike the rest of the looks. The leather jacket is gorg, and the flats were very comfy as well as appropriate for the weather. I have to say though, I now know why girls would actually wear leggings instead of trousers/jeans (I still wouldn’t, but it felt nice).

Day 5:


It would not be appropriate to swap wardrobes with my sister without trying out her signature midi-dresses at least ones. Wearing heels with this look was definitely an option, but the skintight dress was uncomfortable enough without having to worry about the pain of heels. 

 When I say this was tight, I really mean it. Therefore, I added this light-weight gilet with a waterfall front because I learnt my lesson with the heavy jacket during this hot weather which nobody expected. The gilet helped cover my behind as well as add some colour to the whole look so it can match the headscarf. I presonally would never go for a midiskirt simply because I hate the sight of covered legs peeking through, but I deliberately wore black leggings and black flats to tone it down a bit and draw attention to the upper part of my outfit.

By the end of this challenge I sort of got the hang of it. I hated it initially because I was trying to dress the same way I used to, but the point of this whole challenge was to think outside of the box and sort of try to go for options you wouldn’t normally pick. I wouldn’t do this again in all honesty, but it definitely made me appreciate what I have and also made me open to trying out pieces that wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice. 

 I hope you liked this little article, and should you have any challenges you would want me to try, you know where to find me! 😉 .. no, I’m kidding, I’m not that famous to use that phrase. My handle on all social media is: aminafied, or leave a comment below! 




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