My Birthday

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a blog post about my birthday because I’m a pretty discrete person (said the girl with a blog) and I don’t like to blow things out of proportion, yet I want to share the beautiful pictures of that very lovely day. With that said, I do think I would love to look back on this post one day and re-live my 24th birthday celebrations.

I don’t know about you, but I recently stopped getting really sincerely excited about my birthdays for many reasons, so anything to cheer me up is welcome. I know it’s a strange thing to buy yourself a gift and actually treat yourself according to some people, but I truly believe that happiness starts with oneself and if a gift (or mutliple ones) would help achieve that then so be it. Therefore, I buy myself gifts every year and I’m not planning on stopping.

Apart from the gift I got from my younger brother which I aboslutely loved, my sister arranged for a surprise little get-together along with an amazingly creative cake that has Mac makeup bits on it. I’m usually not one to be surprised by anything because I somehow always end up finding out, but my sister and everyone involved sure managed to sneak up on me!

My sister and I went out for some coffee with a friend (or so I thought) the day after my birthday because we were both exhausted from work on the day of my actual (Friday). When we arrived there were three of my friends there instead of one and I thought that’s where the surprise ended. It was a nice one to be honest because I liked chilling with the girls. However, they all knew that the surprise cake was still coming and I surely didn’t expect it.

I absolutely loved the effort everyone put into it, especially my adorable sister, and taking time out of one’s schedule these days to hang out is actually an effort in itself, let alone staging a whole surprise party. So again, thank you to everyone who came, and the ones who wanted to but couldn’t ♥





Although the pieces on top were unedible (I’m not the biggest fan of marzipan or liquorice nor was my entourage I discovered) they actually did a great job with the decoration. It was a very delicious chocolate cake and I would definitely order another cake from Le Trèfle bakery in the future.






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