#MoroccanMonday look 33

Hi guys!

 I love when I get inspired by random photos online or regular daily things. For this week’s outfit, I was inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram of a simple navy bandana, that made me think of digging out my red one from the back of my closet and actaully wear it again.

 I bought this very simple grey shirt during holiday in Marrakesh to wear on my way back, thinking I’d only wear it to bed because I literally just grabbed whatever shirt I could find in an affordable shop. However, I fell in love with the cute quote on the front pocket as well as the airy fabric and asymmetric hem (we all know how much I love that one!), I wish the back was plain though to make it look a bit more expensive, but I that’s all right because I’ll have to wear it with something on top because it’s sleeveless anyway. 

 There is not much to be said about these culottes anymore after being featured a billion times on my blog, but what can I say? I love their simplicity and comfort during this hot weather. 

 At first, like I said earlier, I hoped the shirt had sleeves so I wasn’t forced to wear something on top because I prefer wearing simple things over layering several pieces during summer, but after the whole look came together I actually liked the denim button-down with the red and grey combination, it gave the outfit a cool casual look as opposed to all neutrals and only one pop of colour.







Turban – Pashmina / Sunglasses – Gucci / Bandana – vintage / Shirt – Shana / Button-down – Shana / Culottes – Promod / Flats – Primark. 

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