Suicide Squad nail art

After my movie review, I had to try my hand at the Suicide Squad nail art. The results were definitely not as perfect as I wanted them to be, and it was definitely the hardest nail art I’ve ever tried but hey, it’s nail art so one is supposed to have fun with it and not take it seriously.

 I’ve used some of the below items and added extra ones. I’d definitely recommend using a purple nail varnish as well as very thin brushes for precise results.


  • I’ve painted three layers of white nail varnish to form the perfect base. The Maybelline 60 seconds nail varnishes are the best!


  • I know there are special products one uses to prevent smudging, but when I saw how UHU glue is also easy to peel I decided trying it out and I have to say, this might be my favourite hack ever! 


  • Put some nail varnish on a spunge to give that spray effect that the Suicide Squad posters have. 


  • Make sure you don’t repeat my mistake and dab it directly on your nail. You need to dap the excess on a paper first before using it on your nail. 


  • Keep dabbing different colours on your nails to use as the background. If I were you, I’d use green and purple instead of yellow and pink to be honest. 


  • I used an old eyeliner to be more precise, but as you can see it wasn’t that precise after all. I would definitely recommend using a very thin brush instead. 


  • I decided to add some green halfway because the nails lacked colour.


  • A half an hour later and I only managed to draw a decent Joker. It’s not as perfect as I wanted it to be, but I’m sure if I were to use thin brushes it would’ve looked way better, so make sure you use better tools. The pin worked quite well but not amazingly.


  • I did a tiny Harley Quinn that honestly looks like a freaky skull instead, but the best thing is that these don’t have to be perfect at all, as long as you can distinguish the forms, you’re fine.


  • I eventually discovered a lilac nail varnish in my collection and decided to add some shapes next to Harley Quinn. It doesn’t show that much because it’s light but it definitely adds more colour to the mix.


  • As you can see, the glue definitely worked! It got rid of the smudges on the sides and made it very easy to clean up the rest.


  • Add a top coat and you’re good to go.




 And there you have it, a beginner’s attempt at Suicide Squad nail art. Should you try it as well or have a better version you want me to see, don’t forget to tag me on social media (username: aminafied) or leave a comment below. 






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  1. I don’t remember the last time I used glue to protect skin around nail. There are a lot of products on the market, but I suppose works just fine when you are in a hurry.
    You could make Suicide Squad nails using stickers or paper transfer technique and keep your original idea.

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