#MoroccanMonday look 31

 My obsession with metallics started a few years ago and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it’s gotten more intense throughout the years to be honest. Therefore, the minute I lay my eyes on this gorgeous pair of metallic brogues I just had to have them. They’re probably the highlight of this month.

 As is the case for pretty much any pair of metallic shoes, they fit with everything and add that perfect stylish touch to elevate any look. Therefore, styling them with all these pieces, which everyone probably has a version of in their closet, was pretty easy. Eversince long sleeveless trenches were out I’ve been on the haunt for a good one. However, as I’ve told you in my previous post featuring this same button-down, I’ve had to settle for this one as nice long trenches haven’t been detected on my radar-yet.

 Due to my obsessive love of metallic items and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, these brogues will be featured regularly on my blog for extremely obvious reasons; you’ll also notice how versatile they can be and quite uplifting to otherwise boring outfits.

 The basic white statement jumper is one of my favourite pieces, as is this pair of jeggings I purchased on a whim. Denim jeggings can be extremely comfortable all whilst still being appropriate to wear outside I’ve learnt, especially when they’re high-waisted like these ones (make sure you keep that camel toe at bay though). The black sleeveless button-down can also be worn closed but I prefer throwing it over an outfit as an added light piece. 

 As is the case for almost any casual look, this one can also be worn with heels and a red lip as well as a clutch for a more cleaned up look one can wear for a night out.



Those sunrays are part of the look-embrace them.





Turban – Pashmina / Sunglasses – Gucci / Statement necklace – Freya / Jumper – Kiabi / Sleeveless button-down – Shana / Jeggings – Primark / Brogues – Zara. 

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