Breathable nail varnish?!

Although this type of nail varnishes was released years ago, I’ve only been asked recently to review them in order to confirm whether or not they actually work. 

 Now, I’m not sure what they mean by “breathable nail varnish” and why one would want that for their nails, but what I do know is if these nail varnishes were to work, Muslim women would be able to use them daily during oblution and not only during that time of month when they don’t pray (water needs to reach the nails during ablution otherwise it’s invalid and therefore one’s prayer is also invalid). Even though the packaging and the company itself did not confirm that water can penetrate the varnish, some people claim it does, and that’s what we’ll try to find out. 

 As far as I know, Inglot and Tuesday in Love are brands that make these varnishes, but I could only get my hands on the Inglot ones, so this review only applies on this specific brand.

 For comparison reasons I’ve also used this regular “non-breathable” nail varnish from Hema in the colour 50 in red:


Inglot call their varnish the Breathable Nail Enamel Nail Varnish (French is Morocco’s second language, that’s why most of the things I post have a French description). I chose the colour 654 in grey.varnish-2varnish


In order to carry on this experiment as accurate as possible, I’ve chosen a normal A4 paper, a coffee filter and a thick tissue.


I applied a normal coat of both colours.



This is the back side after letting it dry for half an hour. Keep in mind that the grey leaked a bit through the coffee filter and tissue which means that when I add water it doesn’t mean that the water is being soaked up.


I’ve added too much water on the tissue which disqualifies it immediately(my bad). The paper and coffee filter have enough water which will show whether or not this works.


1 – So like I said, the tissue has too much water and so we can’t see whether or not this worked-Sorry. 


2 – The stain of water between the two swatches was an accident, it didn’t leak from either varnishes. As you can remember, the grey varnish leaked in the beginning before we added water, so it being visible on the other side doesn’t indicate that the water went through. I’ve also opened the filter just in case.

coffee filter

3 – The paper demonstrates this experiment accurately in my opinion. The water didn’t move nor did it go through the paper, it literally just sat there.  



As you can see, it didn’t really work. I was skeptical in the beginning and this proved me right. So ladies who think this is “halal” to do your oblution with, I’m sorry to burst your bubble. Inglot never said anything about the varnishes being “halal” to be honest, so it’s not really their fault. 

Should you want me to test anything else for future posts, make sure to let me know in the comments below or through my social media (username is aminafied everywhere).




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