Nomad restaurant, Marrakech

Although I’ve been living in Morocco for quite some time now, I haven’t been to many places in and always look online for spots others recommend. Naturally, when I decided to spend some time in Marrakech again, I went online and found this very useful Marrakech Guide article on

Because I mainly took days off to relax and sleep in, I only managed to visit Nomad restaurant and decided to share my experience and opinion with you guys. As indicated in my previous post, my Xperia died during the trip so I only had a crappy old Samsung to use for photos, so excuse the quality.

As the little map on the card below indicates, one has to cross the hustle square known as Jamaa El-Fna in order to get to the restaurant as taxis can’t enter the tiny alleys, which can be understandably overwhelming for some. Therefore, I tried to go early in the afternoon and praid that the taxi driver was actually right and no reservation was needed. He also recommended tipping children so they could guide us should we get lost, he clearly has never heard of Google Maps which was more than useful in my case. Luckily I was able to get a table (at around 7 p.m) and had to leave before nine, that’s when reservations are crucial.



Although the place is located in the heart of the medina, where everything is colourful and somewhat cramped, the place itself is mostly white and calm, it reminded me of those dreamy pictures of restaurants in Greece that give great aesthetic pleasure. The staff is quite efficient when it comes to understanding different languages and dealing with tourists, as opposed to other places in Marrakech believe it or not. I appreciated the fact that they had a young host who, in my opinion, would be more current and appropriate to deal with foreigners.

 After going all the way up to the second terrace for some pictures (I tried my best with the phone I had) despite the misty weather which made it impossible to see the beautiful Atlas mountaintops, we settled in the first terrace beacause they had fans spraying water which was something I desperately needed in the blazing heat.



The menus were very cute and an easy DIY idea, they were also in English which is very convenient for someone who isn’t fluent in French and can’t bother asking the waiter for an explanation of every single thing (I ended up doing so regardless because that’s just how annoying I am).

Because Mimi recommended the vegetarian tagine, I ordered that one, along with a simple orange juice. Although I’m not a vegetarian, nor do I eat all those vegetables they used or appreciate spicey food, it was quite good and edible. I also tried the kids’ menu which consisted of chicken, roasted potatoes and some veggies, that was better than my dish to be honest. However, if I were to ever go back it would definitely be for the dessert. Trust me when I say, that was the most interesting dessert menu I have ever seen here in Morocco, and the cake I got was splendid!




 I absolutely love how they adapted ice-cream flavours to be more Moroccan and used local ingredients such as the traditional Amlou (honey, almonds and argan oil), saffron or ginger. I got the flourless orange cake with caramalized orange zest and whipped cream, if that didn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what would. It was better than I had expected! I will definitely go back to try the verbena leaf infused or smooth spiced chocolate sorbet, they definitely sound interesting, and I’m always looking for new flavours to try.








By the time we finished eating and were ready to go, cute tiny lights were switched on, which gave the place a cozy look and made you want to stay there and enjoy a fresh mint tea despite the heat, which you get used to after a few days there in all honesty. It started raining a bit when we left which forced the staff to shut the tearrce and move everyone indoors, lucky for us we got to enjoy our meal in the open air.


All in all, this would definitely be a place I’d also recommend to others, and according to the card I got, they also have two other places with terraces and delicious food to enjoy, which I’ll definitely be visiting asap ensha’Allah.


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