#MoroccanMonday look 29

Salam everybody! 

 I hope everyone has survived this heat wave and is ready to face the remaining days of blazing heat until August. 

 I’ve had a few fun days in Marrakesh (aka Marrakech) despite the killer remperatures, I would even go to say it was actually relaxing if it weren’t for my bloody phone falling in the pool and refusing to work properly again. Therefore, I couldn’t focus on the daily outfits I was planning on filming or amazing pictures I wanted to take. Instead, I was forced to use a crapy old Samsung with very bad quality. I managed to edit the photos eventually to make them a bit more visible, but excuse the horrible quality and try to look past that as I also did (or was forced to do in all honesty). 

When I say those were killer temperatures, I’m not exaggerating one bit. I literally had to wear light colours and fabrics or else I’d melt into a puddle of sweat, and that was at night or in the late evenings, I’m not even talking about going out during the actual day. There is no sane soul to be seen outside during the day except near the pool, and for good reason.

 We managed to snap some photos on our way to the famous Nomad restaurant (article about it will be published soon). I’ve read so much about its good food and wanted to try it out for the first time; I’ve also heard a lot about the amazing view which is certainly not something I’d want to skip.

On our way to the little restaurant, we had to go through Jamaa El-Fna, the “hustle square” as some may call it. We barely managed to avoid the crowd and not get sucked in which was terrific because as much as I love traditional Moroccan places and monuments, I’m not into all that hoopla and bumping into strangers, especially when I can’t even take good pictures now that my phone is dead (silent tear).

 Also, we went to the famous malls there and played tourists for as far as we could – #Staycation goals anyone? -.





 Yes, I have to touch everything.



Turban – Parfois / Sunglasses – Gucci / Button-down – H&M / Bag – vintage / Skinny jeans – Stradivarius / Sandals – Kiabi. 








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