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During summer, we all tend to rock light washed jeans in all shapes and sizes, and I’m definitely no exception. The fact that I’m veiled does keep me from wearing daisy dukes and heavily ripped jeans, but some lightly ripped ones do tend to sneak into my wardrobe every now and again, and I definitely don’t mind.

 Because this pair of jeans is fairly tight as opposed to good old boyfriend jeans, I decided to pair it with my favourite loose-fitted shirt from H&M that I bought about two years ago. The asymmetrical diamond shape on its front, the comfortable fabric, as well as the neutral colour definitely make it a timeless piece that I’ve worn and will keep on wearing to death. As soon as I saw it on the rack and felt the soft fabric, I knew I had to have it.  Its versatility is also an important factor, you can dress it down like I did by pairing it with jeans and flats, or you can add some elegance by tucking the front bit in a pair of tailored trousers-the contrast of both pieces is very modern-,add some subtle bling, structured blazer and finish it off with a good pair of minimalistic heels then you’re the definition of chic.

 To balance out the soft vibes the top part of this outfit is giving, I had to pull out my good old spiky flats I got years ago and still don’t regret getting, you’d be surprised at the number of compliments and positive reactions I’ve gotten on them so far, their uniqueness is definitely a conversation starter. Just like a leather jacket, they add the right amount of edge and fierceness to any outfit.

I finished off this whole look with my trusted long cardigan, black turban and vintage leather bag to pull everything together, then went on to play tourist and explore beautiful Rabat (Morocco) whilst enjoying the warm evening sunshine.




Me pretending to be a tourist. Can you tell I live five minutes away though?



No, that’s not the new duck face, I just feel the need to talk at all times.

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  1. beautiful look! i love the long cardigan and the flats 😀 and hehe i talk to when people take my picture 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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