#MoroccanMonday look 24

Aloha dearest readers! 

 Happy Monday! It’s blazing hot today because summer is two days away and I can’t wait! I know the heat gets annoying sometimes, but I can’t complain (I’ve done enough of that during winter). 

 I can’t believe it’s only the second Monday in Ramadan here in Morocco! We still still have a long way to go, but I’m not that bummed out because it’s that time of month and I’m currently stuffing my face with popcorn and mint creme Oreos (for my non-Muslim readers, women don’t fast when they’re on their period), so to me that’s basically living life.

 Do you know that feeling when you’re so over a piece of clothing that you decide to get rid of it but then re-discover it again and love it as if it were new? I’ve seriously put this blazer in a bag ready to throw it away, but because I procrastinate like no other, I actually forgot to do so and ended up looking for it when I put this outfit on because it would compliment it perfectly. (who said procrastinating was bad? )  

 This week’s look is laid back and comfortable, yet pretty put together due to the tailored blazer. I wanted to make the turban the piece of attention, but not take the safe route by wearing all nude colours, because, where is the fun in that? Therefore, I chose this light button-down which I absolutely love due to its perfect length, but it being see-through makes it irritating to style during summer-one is trying to wear less instead of adding layers. When I say I’ve worn this pair of jeans to death, I literally mean to death! You can see how baggy it has become and quite worn-out, but I still love it. Until I can actually find a better pair, I’m just going to keep wearing this one until I can’t anymore. 

 As is the case with any other outfit I wear, you can pair this one with heels and make it work for a business meeting, fancy outing or even a date night. Adding more makeup and accessories is always a good look for a night out. 

 I’ve really enjoyed this shoot and felt very comfortable in this outfit regardless of the heat (it was about 27 degrees celsius), I think that shows in the photos taken as well. 









Turban – Parfois / Sunglasses – Gucci / Button-down – H&M / Blazer – H&M / Jeans – Primark / Flats – Primark. 


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